My Future Home - Pinterest Edition

As the interior obsessive I am, I tend to spend a lot of time browsing through the "home decor" and "architecture" jungles on Pinterest. There is so much to discover, and I feel like I'm in need of an apartment or two to live out my dreams. Of course, that's not possible for a poor, recently-graduated-living-at-home like me. So therefor I stock up on inspirational pictures in my "Future Home" collection on Pinterest.

It's become a collection of over 250 images of beautiful bedrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas. Floor to ceiling windows that let natural light shine into the rooms, wooden floors, a lot of plants and antique trinkets. I suppose I'm the typical Scandi; I have an unbreakable relationship with everything light, cosy and nature-inspired.

The more I browse through my Pinterest, the more desperate I become to get my own place. I already have a huge box filled with porcelain, books, a chandelier and three beautiful candle holders, ready to inhabit my future home. Luckily though, I don't think I'm the only one obsessing about my future home like this. I can have long conversations with my friends, describing how we want our future hallways to look and whether or not wooden floor is a great choice for a kitchen.

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  1. Pinterest is so much trouble! I spend too much time looking at interior inspiration. You have great taste, and I hope you get to have your own place soon!

    1. I know right?! Thank you! I hope so too :)

  2. I live with my parents too. I feel your struggle about wanting a pintrest home because I want one too!

  3. These are such dreamy spaces!! I could picture that to be my home as well :)

    Jessica |

  4. I have the exact same board on my Pinterest!!! Mostly, it's just white spaces with lots of windows. <3

    Novreica |


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