My Fitness Journey // How I Stay Motivated

Working out in one way or another has always been part of my lifestyle more or less. I've done everything from horse riding and pilates to boxing, running and lifting weights. But even though I enjoy it, there are days (or even weeks) when getting out of bed and go working out feels like the biggest challenge in life. For the past few months I've been lucky, and going to the gym has been what makes me go up every morning, but that's not what it's always been like.

With social media, and constantly being fed images of perfectly tanned and toned beach-babes in bikinis with their green smoothies in hand, working out became something I forced myself doing instead of actually enjoying it. I'm sure most of us have been there, right?

I used to feel like I was working out not for myself and my own physical and psychological wellbeing, but for Instagram and all the trends that came with it. I felt like I also had to do yoga, do a juice detox and eat no more than 1500 calories a day. Don't eat that cake or you'll get fat! Don't listen to your hunger! A thigh gap is the only way to get boys to like you! Voices in my head that constantly told me what to do, how to behave and what I should look like.
How it all changed
Some time during my last year of Gymnasium in 2015, I decided to ditch the whole juicing and cardio-obsessed lifestyle I was living, and started going to the gym instead. I can't say that I knew much about what I was doing at first, and I'm not sure there was a huge difference to my body. But either way, I enjoyed what I was doing. And after going to the gym with a few friends that knew exactly what they were doing, I felt more and more confident. I started to unfollow my previous "fitness" inspirations and replaced them with people I felt boosted my confidence instead of tearing it down, like @annavictoria and @GraceFitUK . 

I've now been going to the gym on an off for about two years, and I still love it! Compared to when I started, I now know more about what I'm doing and how to work out to reach my goals. Goals, which I've set up for myself because I want to, instead of doing as I did before and only went to the gym because I felt like I had to. Over all, I feel like I'm living a kind of lifestyle which allows me to eat way more that ever before whilst not having to obsess over going to the gym. 
My tips to stay motivated
Since it took me years and years to find a lifestyle that makes me feel this happy with myself, I thought I'd share some of my tips on how I stay motivated, so that you don't have to spend years finding what makes you going!

1. Be realistic
What made me hate working out in the first place was that I never saw the result I wanted. I was so obsessed with looking like a runway model that I completely lost track of what I was doing and only though about the result I never got. My first, and one of the best tips I have for you, is to find people that preach a lifestyle that suits you. I for example know that I eat a lot, that I'm fairly strong and I want to keep my curves, and so I started following people like the ones I mentioned above, that are extremely body-positive, strong and healthy looking women. Seeing them in my Instagram feed makes me motivated, because I know that what they look like comes from a realistic lifestyle.

2. It takes time
You might think this is an obvious thing to say, but everything takes time. Diets and workouts that promise you abs and a killer butt in 10 days will probably not work. And if they do, your muscles will probably disappear after the 11th day, because quick diets doesn't work for long. Be aware of the simple but important fact that it will take time to shape your body, whether your goal is to get bigger, stronger, skinnier or faster. Let your body take the time that it needs, and don't forget to include rest-days!

3. Find what you love and stick to it
The only way I've been able to be consistent with my workouts is because I love what I do. I love the feeling of getting stronger, and feeling my muscles burning for days after a workout. As long as you enjoy what you do and do it for no one but yourself, you've probably found your thing! 

4. Fuel your body
Being 178cm/5'll tall and fairly active, I know I have to eat a lot to stay energised and happy from morning to night. Don't restrict yourself, but eat food that makes you feel good from the inside out. Don't be afraid of carbs and fats, they are what makes your body move! And as long as you eat a good breakfast, lunch and dinner, it's always ok to have a cookie, a pice of cake, or both!

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  1. Your story is really inspiring. We are constantly bombarded with people that look perfect, and then we push ourselves to do things even through we are not totally content with it. I'm glad you started enjoying working out, and doing it for yourself instead of doing it for everyone else. Good for you!

    1. Thank you! Exactly, it's really important go get away from that and start doing things for ourselves :)

  2. You look fantastic, I have so much respect for your ambition! x

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