Life back in Sweden - Instagram Edition

What have I been up to lately? Because it seems like I've taken a small break from the blog? Fear not! I've just been adapting to life back in Sweden.

The last few weeks have been filled with work, since I've now got not one but three jobs. Between working and sleeping I try to fit in meeting friends an working out, and the blog has been left behind for a bit (sorry). If you follow me on Instagram (@ellendahlstrom), you'll be able to catch up on my life back in Sweden.
Even though my days have been hectic, I've managed to squeeze in a few dinners, parties and an amazing concert. Looking back at my Instagram feed I can't understand how I've managed to fit everything in, but I'm happy that I've managed to do it!

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  1. It looks so awesome there!

  2. Seems like you have a fun and wonderful life back in Sweden! :)

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  3. Looks like you have had a hectic few weeks! You seem to be living it up in Sweden!

    Jessica |

  4. I love Scandinavia! I need to visit Sweden soon! Your photos look amazing!

    Have an awesome day!
    xx Kris

  5. Omg I want to go to Sweden so bad, it looks so beautiful!

    Little Moon Elephant

  6. Woah. Three? You sound like a triple threat. Have fun!

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  8. Oh this looks like an amazing time YAY

    xx Lisa |

  9. This is gorgeous! 🌻

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