What I've been up to lately - Instagram Edition

Even though I stopped blogging for a while, my Instagram account will always be up to date with what I'm doing. I'd say I'm a bit of an Instagram addict; you know, the typical "I have to take a picture before we eat" and "can you take a picture of me posing casually in front of this pink house" type of person. I know I'm definitely not the only one obsessing over a perfect feed, cautiously curated pictures and the right amount of contrast and saturation. You can follow me on Instagram at @ellendahlstrom if you fancy some more life updates!

So, what have I been up to lately? Since I graduated from London College of Fashion in the middle of April, it feels like I've done everything and nothing. My plan was to go home after two weeks, but that changed when I realised I didn't wanna leave London. However, after a few weeks I booked a ticket home to Sweden. So tomorrow I'm homebound and ready to start working over the summer. It's definitely mixed feelings...
My last month in London has been amazing though, and I definitely feel like I've squeezed out as much as I can of my nine months stay here. My friend Ebba came to visit me from Sweden, and we spent a few days eating, shopping and catching up. I've tried to see as much as possible these last days; exploring parts of London that I haven't been to as much, enjoying a good book in the park and just wandering around my neighbourhood. 

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  1. Love.

  2. Oh wow, your feed is so bright and lovely! I'm definitely following!



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