Back to blogging?!

Hi, how are you? It wasn’t exactly yesterday I last set my foot in here.
Since last time we saw each other I have graduated London College of Fashion and I am now contemplating whether to stay in London or go home.
This city has given me so much, and I am not yet ready to give up on it (even though all my friends have and I’m the last one standing). Hopefully I find something I feel is worth sticking around for a bit longer, but if not I'll just go home, save some money and get ready for new adventures.

I am currently job-hunting; anything to make my life go around, pay my bills and keep my stomach filled. It feels weird trying to start from scratch in a city I already know. Last time I posted on here I had a life (sort of), I did exciting things and projects and I had friends. Probably the biggest reason to why I took a pause from blogging was the lack of time in between studying, hanging out with my friends and sleeping. Now? I have all the time on my hands, and so, I decided to start blogging again!

Blogging is something I’ve done for years and years on and off, and in a situation like this, when everything feels so uncertain, it feels good to have blogging as a sort of “safe space”. I have my readers, my schedule (hopefully I’ll keep to it) and something creative to keep my mind busy.

If you’re a new reader, welcome! And if you’re one of my lovely old readers coming back to discover what I’ve been up to, I’m happy to see you again. If you’re London based, hit me up for a coffee and some blog-talk, I’d love to meet some new people!

Hopefully you’ll stay with me, and I’ll promise to deliver some exciting posts on lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and of course food!

Until next time!

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  1. Congratulations on graduating, and good luck on your new journey! I can't wait to see what you post!

  2. I've been in a similar situation... and I had to give up on London :( But that's why I make sure that I visit regularly and enjoy every minute when I'm there.


    1. ood to hear someone's been in the same situation! It's not easy... Yes! If I'll have to go home I'll definitely visit often, London is my second home :)


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