Designer Appreciation Post: Elie Saab

Ever since my interest in fashion began, I've had a fascination with Elie Saab. There's something dreamy about all his collections; whether it's Haute Couture or Ready-To-Wear he always manages to grab my attention. Elie Saab has an eye for detail, which I think is what makes me so impressed every single time. Studying Fashion Business has meant endless nights of studying fashion shows, writing down everything I see. Hemlines, colours, focus, details, fabrics... it can get a bit overwhelming. Still, Elie Saab's SS17 stood out from the rest. Colourful, edgy, girly and cool. It's so different from the classic Haute Couture pieces many of us know him for, and yet it feels like the same story only from another decade.
Many of us dream of a white, classic dress for when we're getting married, but I don't. I'm gonna wear the huge, golden Elie Saab dress from AW15/16. You're all welcome to attend my wedding!

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  1. I'm in love with the designs of Elie Saab <3


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