New In: Make Up Forever Gentle Milk Cleanser

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my skin has decided to go a bit crazy for the last few weeks. One day it's super oily, the next it's dry, the third it's a bit of both. Ugh! It's so annoying not knowing what your skin is going to be like during the day, since it's the canvas of your makeup. Should I go for a moisturising foundation? Powder or no powder? You probably know what I'm talking about.

Since I moved to London I've had to update my skincare routine from the beginning. New cleansers, moisturisers and toners, everything to make my skin feel as clean and healthy as it used to. So, my latest addition on the shelf is the Make Up Forever Gentle Milk Moisturising cleanser (quite a mouthful, I know). I Picked it up whilst visiting the Make Up Forever flagship store in Paris, and so far it's really good. It cleanses the face really well and leaves it moisturised without that sticky feeling that I've found some moisturising cleaners have. Hopefully this one will help my skin in the right direction!

Five Days in Paris

I've been to France more than any other country, but weirdly enough I've never visited Paris. It's always been a place on my bucket list, which I can finally say that I've ticked off! It's been so nice to take a few days off from everything, exploring a new city and eating good food. We were a small group from my University, London College of Fashion, who went there together, and thanks to our teachers we got to see a few really special places which made us fashion students more than excited!
France is the perfect place if you're a lover of fresh food. The many markets all around the city offer you a wide range of good food, from fresh fruit and greens to macarons and baguettes.

A well needed trip to Kenwood House

On Thursday my Fashion History and Artefact class took me out to Kenwood House at Hampstead Heath. A much needed break from the city pulse! Our teacher guided us through the beautiful rooms in the big house, and then took us to look at the beautiful view of London. It felt so good to be out of the city, if only for a few hours. I knew UNI would be stressful, but I'm currently feeling like I'm working and working and there's still more to do. The calm of getting away from the traffic and finally be able to breath fresh air and hear the birds sing did so much good. So did the afternoon tea we had in the restaurant after class. Taking a break from everything over a cup of Earl Grey tea definitely helped!
Luckily I'm on a break, which means there's more time for me to study, but it also means that I'm going to Paris on Wednesday! I've decided to leve all my work at home during our five days in Paris, and only to focus on drinking coffee, eat croissants and do nothing. It'll also be a great opportunity for me to get some nice content for you guys. Can't wait!

A typical morning + what I've been up to

This morning started like usual; oatmeal with fruit, a big glass of water and homework. As some of you might have noticed, I've been away from the blog for awhile. I've had to spend my days and nights studying, which sadly means that the blog has been left behind for a bit. Since I'm doing what I love, I don't really mind spending my time doing research, taking notes and watching fashion week shows every single night. I love it, but I also love blogging, and I'm gonna do everything I can to continue doing it on a weekly basis!

To kickstart my day, I usually start off with a big bowl of oatmeal. It's a quick and healthy breakfast, which keeps me full for long. Personally, I love to star my days with carbs. It gives me the energy I need throughout my busy day!

My Autumn Playlist

When the leaves start changing colour, the air gets cooler and you have to put on a scarf in the morning, that's when you know autumn has finally arrived. For me, autumn also means I'll get hit by a cold (I've suffered from one in a week now), but autumn still stays on my list of favourite things. Tea, walks in the park and good music! Well, good music exists all year round, but for me, autumn just brings that feeling of coziness which makes me appreciate music so much more. That's why I've decided to share with you some of my current favourites to listen to when I take my walks in the park amongst joggers and yellow leaves. Of course I had to include not only one but two of Bon Iver's new songs. What's there not to love about their new album? I hope you find something you like on the list!

Check your beauty products with COSDNA

Last weeks PR lecture brought us into the subject of beauty. After discussing back and forth about beauty PR, plastic surgery and makeup, our lecturer gave us a tip: COSDNA. COSDNA is an online makeup and beauty dictionary sort of, where you can type in any of your products and it'll give you a full list of what ingredients are in them, what they do and how good or bad they are for your skin. I've always tried to think about what it is I put on my face, but sometimes I just get too excited over a new foundation or dry shampoo and don't really think about what might actually be in them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my skin has been fighting with me since I moved to London about a month ago. Thus, I find it extra important to put only good things on my face! I'm gonna try to make it a habit to check all of the products I want to buy, before I actually buy them. You should too!

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