Yellow Culottes and Elie Saab Dreams

Yesterday was a busy day. I Went up at half past six, took a shower, had some breakfast and took the tube to school. My Friday started with a four hour long styling lecture, a course that I definitely think will be one of my favourites! After school I dragged my roomie and another of the Swedish fashion students with me to Bruton Street to check out the Elie Saab flagship store that just opened up. Elie Saab is my absolute favourite designer, so I felt like a child in a candy shop entering his store. Since I'm a poor student I could only afford to look at all the beautiful handbags, gowns and perfumes. Luckily though, after announcing that I was an LCF student, I got a bag with a few perfume samples and a brochure from the latest ready-to-wear collection. I couldn't be happier!

H&M - Blouse
Asos - Choker
Åhlens - Tote Bag
Monki - Culotte Pants
NilsonShoes - Loafers 

5 kommentarer

  1. You're so luck you got some Ellie Saab bits I love her designs as well. This mustard colour looks so great on you too.

    Tia | The 10am Blog

  2. Estás guapísima, me encanta el outfit!!

  3. wow dear, I'm in love with your style!!! You have a fantastic site:)

  4. Black and yellow is such a lovely colour palette, you look fab girl! x

    Always, Alice


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