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Since moving to London my skin has become a worse version of what it used to be. I think it's the combination of the polluted air that comes with a bigger, more busy city, the stress in school and the heat that took both me and my skin by surprise that made it this way. Just a week after coming here I decided to upgrade my skincare routine to something that would make my skin feel and look both healthier and cleaner. The last two additions to my new skincare collection are these two products from Lush.
Brazened Honey is a fresh hand mask that exfoliates, stimulates and nourished the skin. It's full of good things like ground almonds, honey and ginger. The ginger makes the skin feel tight and fresh, and it also has anti ageing benefits. The first time I used this mask my skin was particularly bad. It looked dull and grey and I had a few impurities on my chin, cheek and around my nose. After I'd applied it to my face and left it on for about 15 minutes i rinsed it off using circular motions to scrub away any dead skin cells, and the result was amazing! My skin looked so much more alive and glory after just 15 minutes. I finished my little skincare session off with the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, which left my lips feeing super soft. I can definitely recommend both the products without hesitating!

Easy Mushroom Couscous Salad

Salad lunches is one of the quickest, easiest dishes to make when you're in a hurry or just too hungry to cook something. I always tend to pack a salad in a tupperware instead of buying lunch at uni, since it takes no time to prepare in the morning and stays fresh all day. This particular salad is made out of pretty much everything we had in the fridge, and oh how yummy it was!

2 dl couscous
1 dl peas
1 dl chickpeas
1 tomato
4 asparagus
5 mushrooms
salt and pepper

I started off by preparing my couscous. While it was doing it's own thing, I fried off the mushrooms and asparagus in some oil and garlic salt and put the peas in some boiling water. When that was done, I threw it all together and topped it off with some salt, pepper and olive oil. Done!

London Fashion Week

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we're in the midst of London Fashion Week. My weekend has been filled with running around between different events and venues, trying to get my picture taken or spot a celebrity. It's hectic, but fun! Yesterday I wore this outfit; a pair of light blue pants, a striped blouse and my AllSaints leather jacket together with a pair of H&M earrings and my trusty chunky heels, also from H&M!


London Fashion Week has officially started, which means that if you're a fashion student like me, constant stress and ache in your feet for wearing heels all day is something you'll have to get used to. Yesterday I attended the H&MxUAL event at H&M on Oxford Circus to check out the sustainability collection a few UAL students have designed in collaboration with H&M.  It was really interesting to see! Tomorrow will be just like today, another day of cruising the streets, sucking in inspiration and hopefully see some of the collections or designers (if we're lucky). It doesn't matter that it's stressful, I love it!

Yellow Culottes and Elie Saab Dreams

Yesterday was a busy day. I Went up at half past six, took a shower, had some breakfast and took the tube to school. My Friday started with a four hour long styling lecture, a course that I definitely think will be one of my favourites! After school I dragged my roomie and another of the Swedish fashion students with me to Bruton Street to check out the Elie Saab flagship store that just opened up. Elie Saab is my absolute favourite designer, so I felt like a child in a candy shop entering his store. Since I'm a poor student I could only afford to look at all the beautiful handbags, gowns and perfumes. Luckily though, after announcing that I was an LCF student, I got a bag with a few perfume samples and a brochure from the latest ready-to-wear collection. I couldn't be happier!

H&M - Blouse
Asos - Choker
Åhlens - Tote Bag
Monki - Culotte Pants
NilsonShoes - Loafers 

A new Addition to my Makeup Routine

Since moving to London I've had to pick up a few bits and pieces along the way. Some which I forgot at home, some which I've always needed and some which I just want to have. Mac Prep + Prime Fix+ is something I've both wanted and needed for quite a while now, so when I walked past the Mac store at Carnaby Street a few days ago I decided to go in and get it.
I've been using it every day since I bought it and it really makes a difference. I spray some on my beauty blender when applying foundation and concealer and also use it as a finishing spray at the end.  It makes my makeup look less powdery and more natural and it makes it last for so much longer. I've found that London isn't the best place to be if you want your makeup to last, especially not now when it's super hot and taking the tube feels like stepping into a sauna. Luckily the Fix+ spray has helped my makeup surviving through the day, and for that I'm forever grateful!

Portobello Road Market

Yesterday me and my roomie took the tube to Notting Hill and the Portobello Road Market. Portobello Road Market is a place I've heard lots of good things about, so it felt like the perfect place to start the exploration of our new city. The streets were full of cute stands selling flowers, clothes, food, books and lots of other interesting things.

For lunch I had a veggie burger at one of the restaurants along the street. We had planned to get something from any of the stands, but when lunchtime came the rain had already started pouring down and we took shelter inside a restaurant instead.
If you're like me and love small, quirky vintage shops and local food you will love Portobello Road Market!

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