Top Three July Beauty Favourites

July came and went and it's crazy how fast time has just flown by. Since I've been working a lot I haven't really gotten the opportunity to try out new makeup. July has been just like June, I've reached for the same makeup items pretty much every single day. Luckily though, I've managed to get a few new items into my daily routine, and I thought I'd share them with you today!

My absolute favourite this month must be the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I decided to get it after Tanya Burr raved about it in one of her tutorials. How right she was! The Expert Face Brush is super smooth and its dense bristle gives and even finish when applying your foundation. Perfect for that air brushed finish! I've also used it to contour, and I find it just as good doing that. It picks up a lot of pigment and buffs it in perfectly so that it looks natural. It's not only the perfect all-round brush, but it's cruelty free as well which makes me love it even more.
My second favourite is a rather recent purchase. Just as pretty much everyone else, I'm obsessed with highlighters. So far I've only tried powder ones, so the Benefit High Beam has definitely been something new to me. I swatched it in store during a Sephora adventure in Stockholm and just couldn't put it back on its shelf. The texture is light and creamy and is easily applied with either your fingers or a brush. I use it to highlight my cheekbones, brow bones and nose but I've also tried mixing it in with my foundation which gives a beautiful, glowy look. Just as the Real Techniques brush, this product is cruelty free!

Last but not least is my new eyelash curler from Perplex. I've been using quite a bad one from H&M for too long now, so I thought I'd spend some money on a new one. Even though it's only a little more expensive than the H&M one, it's soon much better! My eyelashes finally stay like I want them to be all day. It's super pretty (I love gold) and it makes my every day routine so much easier! I'm not sure there are eyelash curlers that are tested on animals, but this one claims to be cruelty free (woho)!

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  1. I don't have a highlighter but have been looking into getting one. Will definitely try the Benefit High Beam one! I totally thought it was nail polish at first hehe


  2. Benefit's High Beam is also one of my favourite products right now, the texture is gorgeously creamy and it's a brilliant product for a one-step glow, totally agree! :)

  3. July was such a lovely month - can't believe its already August! Love the sound of the real techniques expert face brush and would like to try Benefit's High Beam - have also only used highlights in the form of powder so far.


  4. Highlighters really do make a difference, especially if put in the nose's bridge and forehead. Thanks for sharing with us your find!



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