First Base & Good to Go, my favourite base and top coat

I've finally gotten around to buying new base and top coat nail polishes from Essie! I've been using the First Base base coat and Good to Go top coat for years, and my old ones aren't really what they used to be... Since I haven't been wearing nail polish when I've been working, I haven't bothered with buying new ones. Now though, I only have two more shifts left and I'll soon be able to paint my nails as I used to do before all the time!

If you want your nails to last for weeks (no joke), these two in combination with one or two layers of your favourite polish will make your dream come true. I'll definitely go back to these ones every time, since they've never disappointed!

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  1. I need to purchase these, oh and btw I love your blog!
    Laila x

  2. I would need these. I'm currently using OPI varnish and it doesn't last for more than 2 days. So a top coat is definitely needed.


  3. Thanks for the recommendations!I hate when my nails chip in a few days and I will be getting these now. xx

  4. I like so much this company and its products

  5. Finding the perfect base and top coats for your favourite polishes is key to them lasting and looking great for longer! These sound great :) I'm currently an amazing top coat by Jessica Nails.


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