Two Days in Stockholm

On Monday morning, after five hours of sleep, I woke up and had a quick shower and breakfast before heading to the train station. Me and my best friend Emina had planned a short two days trip to Stockholm. After two hours on a train I met up with her for Lunch before exploring, shopping and enjoying our two days off from work.
After a delicious pasta pesto that came with a serious food coma we started our day with some shopping.
Later that day we decided on having tapas for dinner. A friend of ours had recommended a great place called Sardin, which was really good! Friendly staff, small and cosy and delicious food! We had lots of bread and olives, sangria and for desert we shared a Creme Catalan. Last time I had a Creme Catalan was in Spain, and it tasted just as good!
We finished our long day in our hotel room with facemasks and nail painting before going to sleep.
The next day we had a big hotel breakfast before taking the tube to meet our friend Ragna for coffee in a park. We had a quick catch up before she went back to work and we took a walk to one of the many museums in Stockholm. A great way to finish our short trip to the capital!

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  1. Great photos! I've never been in Stockholm, but I definitely want to. Also, I love your captain america shirt!

    1. It's beautiful, you should definitely go there if you get the opportunity! :) thank you!

  2. Lovely photo's, Stockholm is on my list of places to visit soon! xo

  3. I love Stockholm! The pasta looks delicious!


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