How to stay motivated school
I think we've all had trouble staying motivated in school, some only once and some every single day. I loved school, and I'm so happy to start studying again, but that doesn't mean that I don't struggle with motivation sometimes. I've found that the way to stay motivated is to stop working sometimes. I used to set up a rule for myself when I was doing my homework: one hour of 100% dedication to what I was doing, then 10 minutes of scrolling through my phone/computer, watching some YouTube or whatever I felt like. Then back at it again! The short breaks made me relax a bit and also worked as motivation to get through that hour of reading or writing.

...with your diet
I eat lots of vegetarian and vegan food, and for me that's not hard at all. What can be hard sometimes though is the health part of it all. I love baking (and eating), I love chocolate and I would never say no to a caramel iced latte. But unfortunately I can't live on iced latte and cake... What motivates me to stay healthy is that I know it's good for my body, both physically and mentally. I also allow myself to indulge sometimes (candy on Saturdays, not more than one iced caramel latte every other week and chocolate no more than twice a week).

...with exercising
It's hard, believe me, I know. The only thing that keeps me going really is the though that "in one hour I'll be done and this will be over". work
Since I came home from my adventures backpacking on the other side of the world, my motivation to work has completely flown out the window. I find everyday things like cleaning, working and entertaining myself completely and utterly boring. Making plans and knowing that there will be something else in the future has helped me so much. The money I make at work will take me there (in this case, London), and that knowledge is what keeps me going. Also, the people I work with are lovely and make any day at work a bit easier (even the night shifts). Make plans! Hopefully the thought of working your way towards that plan will make it easier waking up every morning for work.

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