Fruit and fashion

I woke up at 10:20 today. It felt good to not be woken up by the alarm on my phone. Today I have a day off from work, and so I started it with a lay in, the latest issue of Styleby and some fruit salad (a mango and some raspberries that I picked in our garden). Fruit and fashion, the best way to start a Saturday morning! It's now 42 days left until I get on a plane to England, and even though 42 days is a long time, it's still really soon. There's so much I have to sort out before I move. I still have one more month of work, then I have a week to pack, say goodbye to friends and family and get mentally prepared for my adventure. I'm super excited and a little nervous, but as I wrote in yesterday's post, having a plan motivates me.

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  1. Oh, I wish I had days where I could get up after 10 am! So cool that you are going to move to England.


  2. I feel the same about waking up without the phone alarm :)

  3. Sounds like a much needed relaxing day before your big adventure!



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