A Perfect Summer Lunch

Today I felt like having a really summery lunch. The weather has been really hot lately, and I've been craving fresh fruit and greens pretty much every single day. So, for lunch today I chopped up some salad, red and yellow tomatoes and some cucumber which I had together with a few falafels. I made a simple dressing to go with the salad from a few tablespoons of soyghurt, salt, pepper, chili powder and garlic powder. Since my lunch wasn't that big I decided to have a smoothie on the side. I made mine with frozen raspberries and mango, fresh berries from the garden (raspberries, black currants and red currants) and some soyghurt and almond milk. A perfect summer lunch!

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  1. The smoothie you had sounds so good, I love eating salads & healthy things but I find them so time consuming and usually I'm craving bad foods with being pregnant. Really need to make more of an effort though! x

    Gemma Louise

  2. This looks SO good! I'm always looking for new healthy lunch ideas as I really don't like sandwiches so this is perfect!
    xo April | April Everyday

  3. Oh wow, this looks so good. Definitely a perfect Summer lunch. Thanks for reminding me that I need to eat lunch!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  4. Wow, your blog is amazing! I love it! xx
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    Have a great day!

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  5. This looks so yummy!


  6. Pinning this recipe now, looks so delicious!

    ISA Professional


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