Moving out inspiration

Since I'm moving out in only a month's time, I've been thinking a lot about furniture and room decor lately. Even though I know I'm going to share a tiny room for a few months I still like to dream a bit. I mostly dream about white rooms filled with wooden furniture, plants and beautiful art.
I've been scrolling through pinterest way too much lately, and I believe that with all the ideas I have I'll definitely need a very big house in the future... But for now, I'll have to do with a small plant on my probably non-existing bedside table.

A Perfect Summer Lunch

Today I felt like having a really summery lunch. The weather has been really hot lately, and I've been craving fresh fruit and greens pretty much every single day. So, for lunch today I chopped up some salad, red and yellow tomatoes and some cucumber which I had together with a few falafels. I made a simple dressing to go with the salad from a few tablespoons of soyghurt, salt, pepper, chili powder and garlic powder. Since my lunch wasn't that big I decided to have a smoothie on the side. I made mine with frozen raspberries and mango, fresh berries from the garden (raspberries, black currants and red currants) and some soyghurt and almond milk. A perfect summer lunch!

My Great Backpacking Adventure - video

Better late than never! I've finally finished editing my video and it's now up on my YouTube channel! Since I lost pretty much all my footage from Bali (I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I am), this video only covers New Zealand and Australia. Editing this video gave me so many throwbacks and I can't wait until I can go on an adventure like this again!

I hope you like the video! And if you have any questions about where a certain place in the video is or just any questions about traveling, just leave a comment or scroll through my posts that are tagged "travel"!

Summer in the South of Sweden

Unintentionally, I've been away from the blog for a few days. I didn't mean to, but it happened. I've had a few days off from work which I instead spent with two good friends in the south of Sweden. Real Swedish summer is finally here! Super hot days, late nights (because the sun pretty much never sets) and good food with good friends. I simply didn't have time to blog, sorry.
I live in the middle of Sweden in a city called Örebro. It's a nice place, but as a fan of the sea, it's not really ideal for me. I love beaches, swimming in the ocean and the architecture that south of Sweden has.
Even though I didn't blog I had time to Instagram (I always do). The pictures in this post are from my Instagram, so make sure to follow me (@ellendahlstrom) on there!

Breakfast Buffet at Lill-Anna's

My circadian rhythm is completely out of order. I've been working many night shifts the past week and It has made me go up too late and go to bed even later. Even though, I forced myself up at 9am yesterday to go to "Lill-Anna's" for their breakfast buffet.
I've walked past this place plenty of times on my way into town, but I've actually never set my foot inside before. Well, better late than never!
Even though I'd only had about five, six hours of sleep I still felt ready for some breakfast with my lovely friends!
The breakfast was great, but there were unfortunately barely any vegan options. Despite that, It was a good breakfast for a cheap price and I will definitely go there another time again!

Fruit and fashion

I woke up at 10:20 today. It felt good to not be woken up by the alarm on my phone. Today I have a day off from work, and so I started it with a lay in, the latest issue of Styleby and some fruit salad (a mango and some raspberries that I picked in our garden). Fruit and fashion, the best way to start a Saturday morning! It's now 42 days left until I get on a plane to England, and even though 42 days is a long time, it's still really soon. There's so much I have to sort out before I move. I still have one more month of work, then I have a week to pack, say goodbye to friends and family and get mentally prepared for my adventure. I'm super excited and a little nervous, but as I wrote in yesterday's post, having a plan motivates me.

How to stay motivated school
I think we've all had trouble staying motivated in school, some only once and some every single day. I loved school, and I'm so happy to start studying again, but that doesn't mean that I don't struggle with motivation sometimes. I've found that the way to stay motivated is to stop working sometimes. I used to set up a rule for myself when I was doing my homework: one hour of 100% dedication to what I was doing, then 10 minutes of scrolling through my phone/computer, watching some YouTube or whatever I felt like. Then back at it again! The short breaks made me relax a bit and also worked as motivation to get through that hour of reading or writing.

...with your diet
I eat lots of vegetarian and vegan food, and for me that's not hard at all. What can be hard sometimes though is the health part of it all. I love baking (and eating), I love chocolate and I would never say no to a caramel iced latte. But unfortunately I can't live on iced latte and cake... What motivates me to stay healthy is that I know it's good for my body, both physically and mentally. I also allow myself to indulge sometimes (candy on Saturdays, not more than one iced caramel latte every other week and chocolate no more than twice a week).

...with exercising
It's hard, believe me, I know. The only thing that keeps me going really is the though that "in one hour I'll be done and this will be over". work
Since I came home from my adventures backpacking on the other side of the world, my motivation to work has completely flown out the window. I find everyday things like cleaning, working and entertaining myself completely and utterly boring. Making plans and knowing that there will be something else in the future has helped me so much. The money I make at work will take me there (in this case, London), and that knowledge is what keeps me going. Also, the people I work with are lovely and make any day at work a bit easier (even the night shifts). Make plans! Hopefully the thought of working your way towards that plan will make it easier waking up every morning for work.

Two Days in Stockholm

On Monday morning, after five hours of sleep, I woke up and had a quick shower and breakfast before heading to the train station. Me and my best friend Emina had planned a short two days trip to Stockholm. After two hours on a train I met up with her for Lunch before exploring, shopping and enjoying our two days off from work.
After a delicious pasta pesto that came with a serious food coma we started our day with some shopping.
Later that day we decided on having tapas for dinner. A friend of ours had recommended a great place called Sardin, which was really good! Friendly staff, small and cosy and delicious food! We had lots of bread and olives, sangria and for desert we shared a Creme Catalan. Last time I had a Creme Catalan was in Spain, and it tasted just as good!
We finished our long day in our hotel room with facemasks and nail painting before going to sleep.
The next day we had a big hotel breakfast before taking the tube to meet our friend Ragna for coffee in a park. We had a quick catch up before she went back to work and we took a walk to one of the many museums in Stockholm. A great way to finish our short trip to the capital!

My new H&M babies

A friend and I took a look in a few stores a few days ago. I had my mind set on not buying anything since I'm trying to save as much money as possible for my move to London, but as we browsed the shoes and accessories section in H&M I stumbled across these shoes and I immediately fell in love. I'm a sucker for shoes, especially the ones with a chunky heel that's easy to walk in, and these ones are right up my alley. They're super easy to walk in and I feel comfortable wearing them even though I'm 5'10 and not usually comfortable with wearing heels. If you're looking for a comfortable heel that goes just as well with jeans and a t-shirt as a bodycon dress then these are what you've been looking for!

Urtekram Organic Shampoo

My current favourite hair product is this shampoo from Urtekram. It's organic, vegan and smells wonderfully of roses. At first I didn't really like what it did to my hair. It felt dry and not as clean as with other shampoos. If you try this shampoo, make sure to give it time, because after a few showers it started to make wonders to my hair! My hair suddenly felt and looked thicker than before and I don't have to shower as often anymore! My hair stays clean for a longer period of time, and I can't begin tell you how good that feels since I've been struggling with oily hair for years.

5 Common Questions About Vegetarian- and Veganism answered

With an alternative diet, lots of questions are being raised. Even though I wouldn't say that being vegetarian or vegan nowadays is uncommon, there still are people who have lots of questions about the two lifestyles. I've been completely vegetarian for almost a year now, and I'd say that my diet has become about 80% vegan throughout time. Having eaten this way for quite a while now I've recognised a few questions that have been more common than others, and so I thought I'd share the answers to these questions here on my blog!

1. Why did you become vegetarian?
I've always been passionate about environmental issues and animal rights, which is how it all started. I started off eating less and less meat, and the meat I ate was always organic. The first meat i cut out off my diet was chicken, after I'd asked one of the staff in the school kitchen where the chicken came from and she laughed at me and said that she didn't know.
As many others I watched Cowspiracy when it cam out, and I think that was the beginning of me going completely vegetarian. Throughout time I've leaned more and more towards a vegan diet, and today I eat pretty much 80% vegan!

2. Don't you crave meat?
In the beginning I sometimes did. I love parma ham, salami and a good burger! But for me stop eating meat was about 50% because of the environment and 50% about the animals themselves, so even though I sometimes felt like one slice of parma ham wouldn't do much bad for the environment, I knew it would take an animal to give me that ham. I can still think that grilled meat smells good, but I'd never eat it. Just as I would never drink gasoline just because I think the fumes from when a car starts smell nice...
3. Do you get enough protein?
Yes, yes and yes! I find it quite hilarious how some people think that not eating meat will make it impossible for you to get enough protein into your system. There are tonnes of different foods that are not animal based and contains an awful lot of protein. Per 100 grams, meat contains roughly 30g protein, whilst nuts and seeds contains about 33g and beans 17g. Other foods that contain protein are tofu, spinach and potatoes

4. What do you eat?
"What do you eat" is a common question. Many people assume that we eat only salads and fruit, but luckily that's not the case. Planning a vegetarian meal is super easy! Think about any dish. Does it contain meat? If yes, replace it with something else that you love, like grilled vegetables, beans, tofu or Quorn. Want to eat vegan? Think of another meal. Replace the meat with another protein. If the dish contains dairy, use a plant based product instead, like soy. Not that hard, right?
My favourite lunch is this vegan falafel wrap on the picture above. Even my meat eating brother loved it! It's super simple! All you need is:

A wrap
Dressing (mine is made of soygurt, salt, pepper, parsley and garlic)

Get yourself a Pinterest account, that's where I find pretty much all my recipes! Or follow some vegan blogs or youtubers for inspiration, like Naiomi Smart (she's my favourite!)

5. Isn't it expensive?
Yes and no, it all depends on what you buy (of course). Just like everything else, vegetarian and vegan food is cheapest when it's in season. Not only is it inexpensive, but the quality will be at its best. You will get the best quality for the lowest price, so make sure to know when your favourite foods are in season and bulk up!
If you don't eat frozen convenience foods like Quorn or other meat alternatives, your food bill will stay low. Vegetarian and Vegan convenience foods are often made from high quality, organic ingredients and will therefor be more expensive than the crappy premade meatballs and hamburger patties that are often made from the leftovers in the factory-farms.

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