5 Things I Learned Whilst Traveling

1. Money can buy happiness
I used to think that money can't buy happiness. Happiness is a feeling, something that's controlled by our bodies and its surroundings. But standing in ankle deep water on a beach in Bali, it occurred to me that money (combined with strong will) was the only thing that had taken me here. I don't believe that money is the only way to happiness, but if you love traveling like me, money sure helps.

2. To value the simple life
Waking up in the morning in a car, eating breakfast in front of the mountains with two friends and the birds above as your only company. Driving for hours in the rain, good music and great conversation. I realised as time went by, that the moments i valued the most were the days when we did nothing and still experienced everything.

3. New friends are lurking behind every corner
Even though I've red tons of travel blogs and heard stories from friends of the people you meet whilst traveling, I never really believed in the "friendship at first sight" thing. If I only knew how wrong I was going to be. I'm now lucky to call myself someone who has friends all over the world. Don't worry! You will always find people you like when you least expect it!
4. A tan is the solution to all your problems
Almost anyways... Wintertime is the time when I feel most conscious about my body in general. I tend to think more about how I dress and to wear the best, full-cover foundation I have. But as the sun hit my skin and turned it more tanned for every day, I slowly started to relax. It's weird how a good tan can make you forget about your insecurities and just relax!

5. Good shoes will save your day
I'm probably not the only backpacker out there who used to live in my flip flops. Even though they made me feel like a true Australian, I soon realised that they did nothing positive for my feet. It's never too late to treat your feet, and so I spent what felt like a fortune on a pair of Birkenstock's! Fashionable and foot-friendly!

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  1. great post <3 I have shared :)



  2. You make a great point in saying that although money can't physically buy you happiness, it can get you further afield on the map and present more travelling opportunities - which is surely happiness! ;) It looks as though you've been on some amazing adventures :)


  3. Money can take you places which can give you happiness so yeah money can give you happiness. Meeting with new people and enjoying the simplicity of the life must be the best bits of travelling!

    Ela BellaWorld

  4. your blog is beautiful!! Love post like this !! keep up the great work <3 :D


  5. Yes! I agree with all of these, especially to value the simple life and that good shoes are lifesavers!


  6. This is so true especially the first and third one. I meet and befriend with a lot of people through travelling and it makes me really happy. :)

    SHAIRA // New Post

  7. Really need to get me a pair of those Birkenstocks!
    Lovely post!

    - Samantha

  8. I agree with you good, comfy shoes are so important and it feels so great when you make new friends while travelling.

  9. Good shoes saving the day is SO RIGHT. If you have uncomfortable shoes, it is definitely more of a hassle to go anywhere and you can't have shoes stopping you! xx Adaleta Avdic

  10. I definitely agree to all of your points! Maaan, your pictures trigger wanderlust in me!

    xx, rebecca

  11. This post is absolutely perfect! Especially how you are always able to find good and nice people anywhere you go. It's a wonderful feeling!

    Oh, I've nominated you to the Liebster Awards, you can find it here if you'd like http://landofpermanentbliss.blogspot.com.br/2016/05/the-liebster-award.html

    Have a wonderful week! xx

  12. I love .Very good advice, the feet and the money I agree with you totally. A nice big kiss and invite you to learn my blog.

  13. Such an interesting post! Nice tips!

  14. Could you write a post about your best tips and tricks for backpacking? How much money did you have to save up before and how did you do it? What was your favorite lessons from backpacking? Did you like traveling with someone as much as alone? Loved this post!

    1. Good idea! I will definitely write a post about that :)

  15. Nice post :)

    Ariel Guslandi
    My blog : https://therealdailyupdates.blogspot.com

  16. Love this post! I definitely agree with all your points, mainly the shoes haha. Can't go very far in uncomfortable shoes..



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