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Yes, I love food. I guess we all do, really? After been away for months, the first thing I asked my mum when I came home was if we could go grocery shopping. I've missed my every day foods, my Quorn (because it's crazy expensive over there) and being able to buy what I feel like eating rather than what my backpacker budget allows me to. Since I believe I'm not the only food freak around here, I thought I'd share with you what I bought during my first Swedish grocery shop since January!

Things you will always find me reaching for are
- Quorn (super easy and simple if you as a vegetarian want to BBQ or just not make your own special dish when eating with others)
- avocado
- chickpeas (I'm kind of addicted to be honest)
- almond milk
- Swedish hard bread (there's no Swedish home without "knäckebröd")

Sundried tomatoes can make any good salad into an even better salad, believe me!
The Quorn schnitzels can always be found in our freezer but the soy skewers are something new. I put them on the grill during our family BBQ and even my mom reached for one, that's how good they are!
Swedish hard bread, oh how I've missed it!

Whar do you tend to reach for when grocery shopping?

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  1. You made some great choices! I got also addicted to chick peas recently, it goes really nice with any dishes! And yes, sundried tomatoes make everything better!!

    KayleeㅣJK's Dawn

  2. such a healthy food shop, avocados, almond milk and chickpeas are some of my staples too!

  3. there is nothing better than healthy food shopping! Love your post!

    Melissa from


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