Faux Fur Frenzy

Faux fur jackets are the only thing I think about at the moment. I've always been obsessed with fur coats, but lately I've found myelf pending more towards the jackets. Preferably a pink one, because pink is another thing that has occupied my mind for the past few days. Imagine pairing a fluffy, pink, cropped faux fur jacket with a pair of light blue, highwaist bootcut jeans. I actually wouldn't min walking the streets like that, barefoot and shirtless, but styling the outfit with a pair of heels or boots and a white top wouldn't look too bad either.

I've been on the hunt for a pink fur jacket for about a week now, and the ones I find are gorgeous but very pricy. Don't hesitate to tell me if you know somewhere I can buy one without having to empty my wallet and bank accounts! A green one would be nice to have as well. Or a patterned one, like the one in my collage. I really need to start earning more money...

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  1. I can relate to finding the perfect faux fur jacket only to find it's super expensive - there are definitely some gorgeous alternatives around though! Good luck finding your pink version :)


  2. High five, I'm obsessed with faux fur as well! Try to browse your local thrift shops, they usually have this "vintage" clothing and last time I bought a fur for a super price of 10€ :)

    xoxo Maja K. Osiecki

  3. loveee it! would love to style that fur! ♥


  4. Amazing pink fur
    I love it
    To me new post RAIN OUTFIT


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