Vegan post-workout meal

After a long pause from the gym I've finally got into my routine again. I've had to start off from the beginning pretty much, since I didn't really work out whilst I was traveling, which has been really hard.

Since I'm finally back in some kind of health routine, I thought I'd share with you what I ate for lunch today, after finishing a sweaty leg and core workout at the gym. Today I went for springrolls. I bought these springrolls at the supermarket, which isn't really like me since I love making my own food from scratch. I'm not really a fan of premade things, but these caught my attention since I love springrolls AND they're vegan!
I had them with chickpeas and grilled veggies, two of my current addictions. I seasoned the veggies with salt, pepper, garlic powder and rosemary before roasting them in the oven.

3 Things to do on a Rainy Day

We've all been there: not knowing what to do when all you want is to go out but the rain is setting stop for that. I just came home from a power walk (in the rain), and even though I try to convince myself that I have to get used to it (hey, I'm moving to England), I'm not really sure I can. So instead of forcing myself to go out even though it's pouring down, I might as well remind myself of, and introduce you to what I do when the weather keeps me indoors!

Play Sims! I've been obsessed with this game for way too long, and I still enjoy playing it, even though I'm 20 and supposed to be a grownup. Try it! I promise you it will keep your mind on other things while the weather is doing it's thing outside.
Another thing I enjoy doing is listening to podcasts. I discovered my current favourite podcast whilst out traveling, and I always listen to it when I have nothing else to do (or sometimes I listen to it even though I have other things I really should do instead). If you have an iPhone you can easily download podcasts on the podcast app!
Do some drawing! I just recently bought this colouring book by Johanna Basford and it's all I've ever wanted from a colouring book! I used to love colouring in when I was younger, and so this more advanced one is a perfect activity when I have some time to waste.

What do you do on a rainy day? Let me know!

Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Hyaluronic Essence

There has been a new addition to my every day skincare routine: the Lumene Bright Now Vitamin C Hyaluronic Essence. Even though its long name may make you believe otherwise, it's a very simple product. I've been using it now every morning and evening before I apply my day or night creme.

My skin has been a disaster ever since I came home. It probably kicked off during the endless hours on the airplane on my way home. Even though I moisturized my skin numerous of times, it still felt like it would crack any minute. I also think my skin got in quite a chock when I came home since the humidity is much lower here than it was on Bali. Luckily, I found this product, which has changed my skin to the better in no time! It has gone from dry and patchy to soft and luminous; me and my skin couldn't be happier!

My May Music Favourites

May is soon over, and so I thought I'd show you my favourite songs from this month. Have you heard any of them before?

I'm moving to London!

For a long period of time (as long as I can remember really) I've dreamt of moving to London. Well, after months of paperwork, e-mails and planning It's finally decided that I'll be moving to London in less than three months! You can't imagine how excited I am. Coming back after my long trip, my hometown has felt so small and boring. I love where I'm from, don't get me wrong, but I'm super excited to go back to the lifestyle of not knowing anyone and experience new things and places every day. I've been to London and a few other places in England numerous times, which has made me pretty sure that London soon will feel like home to me.

So, what am I going to do there?
A few weeks before I went to New Zealand I started my application for a one year study abroad programme at London College of Fashion, and a few weeks ago I got accepted to their Fashion Business programme. So that's what I'm going to do! I really love studying, which means I'm super excited about going back to school soon.´

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! And if you live in London (or anywhere else in England); I'll see you soon!

Faux Fur Frenzy

Faux fur jackets are the only thing I think about at the moment. I've always been obsessed with fur coats, but lately I've found myelf pending more towards the jackets. Preferably a pink one, because pink is another thing that has occupied my mind for the past few days. Imagine pairing a fluffy, pink, cropped faux fur jacket with a pair of light blue, highwaist bootcut jeans. I actually wouldn't min walking the streets like that, barefoot and shirtless, but styling the outfit with a pair of heels or boots and a white top wouldn't look too bad either.

I've been on the hunt for a pink fur jacket for about a week now, and the ones I find are gorgeous but very pricy. Don't hesitate to tell me if you know somewhere I can buy one without having to empty my wallet and bank accounts! A green one would be nice to have as well. Or a patterned one, like the one in my collage. I really need to start earning more money...

Mini Makeup Haul

After months on the move, I felt very tired of the makeup I'd carried with me, so I decided to treat myself with a few new things. I turned my head towards Nordicfeel, and started my search for some new treats. Four days later these three goodies appeared in my mailbox!

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights
I am a sucker for all things shimmery and glittery, so of course on of the things I bough had to be a highlighter. I've never tried any products from Makeup Revolution, probably because I've never seen any of their counters in store here in Sweden, so I'm very excited to try this one out! It's a sheer, richly pigmented, iridescent highlighter in pink/peach tones. It's gorgeous now, but I can imagine it will look even better when I'm a bit paler. This might be one of those products that I'll have to save until autumn. Not sure I will be able to though...

Makeup Revolution Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow in Rose Gold
Another Makeup Revolution product I found interesting was this eyeshadow in a gorgeous rose gold. It came with a primer and a small tray to mix the products on. I have yet to try this out, but from the swatch I did using only the shadow it looked gorgeous already. Can't wait to wear this on a night out!

Milani Color Statement Lipstick in Naturally Chic
I've finally fount that colour! A darker, pink toned, greyish nude. I've been looking everywhere but I've never founf one I really like, until now. It has a creamy texture and feels moisturizing on the lips. The best thing about Milani is that it's both fairly cheap and cruelty-free! How good? I'm definitely going to buy more of these lipsticks since they have a range of beautiful colours!

Food Haul

Yes, I love food. I guess we all do, really? After been away for months, the first thing I asked my mum when I came home was if we could go grocery shopping. I've missed my every day foods, my Quorn (because it's crazy expensive over there) and being able to buy what I feel like eating rather than what my backpacker budget allows me to. Since I believe I'm not the only food freak around here, I thought I'd share with you what I bought during my first Swedish grocery shop since January!

Things you will always find me reaching for are
- Quorn (super easy and simple if you as a vegetarian want to BBQ or just not make your own special dish when eating with others)
- avocado
- chickpeas (I'm kind of addicted to be honest)
- almond milk
- Swedish hard bread (there's no Swedish home without "knäckebröd")

Sundried tomatoes can make any good salad into an even better salad, believe me!
The Quorn schnitzels can always be found in our freezer but the soy skewers are something new. I put them on the grill during our family BBQ and even my mom reached for one, that's how good they are!
Swedish hard bread, oh how I've missed it!

Whar do you tend to reach for when grocery shopping?

The Ultimate Bali Food Guite

Coming to Bali was like coming to a new world. After have been living on noodles, porridge, salads and canned soup for months, we finally found ourselves in food heaven. I'm sure Australia and New Zealand have lots of great restaurants, but as a backpacker the prices in Bali felt better for both me and my wallet.

Before I even left Sweden I had already taken to Instagram to find the best cafes and restaurants. Bali offers a great range of food for both vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. We tried everything from traditional Balinese cuisine to vegan burgers and sausages. The restaurants I've decided to feature in this post are mainly vegetarian and/vegan friendly places with a more western touch on the food. Bali is the perfect place for anyone on a budget who wants to eat the super healthy (?) and trendy "Instagram food".

Nalu Bowls, Uluwatu
I've been following Nalu Bowls' Instagram for ages, and I knew that this was a place I couldn't leave Bali without visiting. Colourful smoothie bowls with fruit, granola, seeds and all those healthy stuff no one knows the names of. Nalu Bowls are located in a few different places all over Bali, but my favourite spot was at Single Fin in Uluwatu. Breakfast, dinner or a mid day snack overlooking the beautiful Blue Point Beach. Keep an eye out for the surfers, they're everywhere!

Café Organic, Seminyak
Top left and right + bottom left: Café Organic
Bottom right: Sari Organik

Another Instagram account that led me to another food paradise was Café Organic. I remember when me and Ebba looked up their menu while we were in Australia and I've never in my life been as excited about a restaurant as I was then. Smoothie bowls from out of this world, pancakes, avocado on toast in different styles and with different sides. The first time we went there we walked for 25 minutes in 38 degrees and I regret nothing. If there's one place in Bali you need to go, It's Café Organic.

Sari Organik, Ubud
15 minutes by taxi and 20 minutes by foot among the rice fields, TripAdvisor made us do it!
If you fancy some organic, Indonesian cuisine with a western touch then Sari Organik is where you're supposed to go. It lays among the rice fields in the outskirts of Ubud, so expect to sit together with 50+ yoga gurus and tourists. Even though it took us a while to get our food (expect that pretty much everywhere on Bali), this place is up there with my favourites. After a refreshing smoothie and the best tofu I've ever had, the lack of air condition didn't matter.

Pituq Café, Gili Trawangan
If you find yourself on the island of Gili Trawangan, have some breakfast at Pituq. Pituq Café is and inland, 100% vegan restaurant with food that's to die for. How about some vegan sausage? Smoothies, juices and fruit salad? Coffee that actually tastes good (because even though you order coffee without sugar in Bali it will be sweeter than eating sugar with a spoon)? We went here every single day for breakfast, and what a breakfast it was! For 85 000Rp ( about £4.5 / $6.4) you get coffee/tea/juice/smoothie of your choice, one sweet and one savory breakfast. How good?

Make sure to check out my instagram for more food and travel inspiratio


I spent my last three weeks on the Indonesian island Bali. It felt like finally having a holiday after weeks and weeks of backpacking and living on crappy food. It took us no time at all to get used to eating at restaurants during every meal, go around town by taxi and not needing to check the price of every single thing.
The weather was hot, almost too hot for my taste, but even though every single one of us were constantly drowning in our own sweat we enjoyed it all. The people, the food and the culture; it was amazing.
After three weeks on Bali, I took my heavy backpack and headed to the airport. Bali was definitely the best place to end my fantastic journey on the other side of the world!

BACKPACKING pt.2 - Australia

After five weeks in New Zealand we flew over to Sydney, Australia; the first stop on our journey along the east coast.
I've always dreamed of visiting Australia. Seeing the beautiful beaches, all the animals and enjoying the warm weathyer. Luckily, I got to do all that. I can now say that I've petted far too many kangaroos, swum at uncountable beaches and enjoyed the weather to its fullest.
I got to experience the Great Barrier Reef during a three days sailing trip in the Whitsundays. Even though the sea was rough the first two days, I had the time of my life! Snorkeling in the beautiful reef and watching the sunset in the horizon.
It's hard to write a post about my adventure. I've experienced so much during my time away and it's hard to summon it all into a small blogpost. Instead of telling you about all the things we did, I'm going to leave you with a few pictures and a promise that if you ever do a trip like this, you will have the time of your life!

BACKPACKING pt.1 - New Zealand

101 days later, I'm home.
I've heard so many stories from backpackers and adventurers, telling me about all the things they've experienced. It feels weird that I'm now one of them. An ex-backpacker who is now the one telling the stories instead of the one listening to them and get inspired.
My adventure started in New Zealand. We spent ten days on the North Island, exploring and taking in the new culture. It felt weird to be so far away and even weirder to know that this was only our first of many stops.
We did the amazing Tongariro Alpine Crossing in Taupo

Ten days later we took the plane from Rotorua to Christchurch on the South Island. From there our three week long road trip adventure begun. Even though the bed was small and hard, I can absolutely say that living in a campervan is the best way to experience New Zealand's nature. Driving around in the mountains took us to places we would never have seen otherwise. We stayed at amazing campsites, stopped off at pretty much every scenic lookout and spent too much money on gas and too little on food. All in all, it was an amazing experience!

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