I'm in Australia

Yesterday we woke up in Christchurch, New Zealand. Today we're in Sydney, Australia. It feels so weird that our time in New Zealand has come to its end! Though I'll miss New Zealand I'm very excited to be in Australia. I'm ready for beaches, parties and finally meeting people!

A life update from a backpacker

We're currently on our way south from Abel Tasman National Park heading towards Queenstown. A few stops along the way has given us fantastic views of the coast, mountains and all the different seal colonies. I'm enjoying my time here to a 100% but there are still some things about home that I miss:

- hot showers (because there's no such thing as a how shower when camping)
- the comfort of my own bed
- sleep
- quorn filets (so expensive here haha)
- my friends

Sea(l) life

New Zealand is more tha beautiful. We've been driving along the coast from Christchurch towards Nelson, stopping along the way. My favorite place so far is Kaikoura. A small beach town on the eastern coast of the southern island. Mountains in the horizon and seals resting at the beach.

I might have climbed a mountain

Rotorua Rotorua
As the adventurers we are, we decided to do the Mt Tongariro Aloine Crossing yesterday. I've never done anything worse in my life, and I loved every second of it. We got picket up at our hostel in Taupo at 5.20 am for a 1.5 h bus ride to the base. Our journey began at 7 am and ended on the other side of the mountain at 4 pm. I had a cold and the walk was extremely hard, but it was all worth it! And yes, the mountain from the picture above is Mt Doom from Lord of the Rings...

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