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I suffer from severe wonderlust. My need to travel and explore is endless and there is no Place I wouldn't like to visit. I'm lucky to have family and friends that love travelling as much as I do, otherwise I wouldn't have seen half the places I've seen. In less than two weeks I'm going on a huge adventure to the other side of the planet; New Zealand and Australia. To celebrate this year's biggest adventure (most probably) I thought I'd do a short post on Three places I've been to that I'm totally going to visit again!
New York City, USA
You all probably know by now how much I adore New York City. I've put it on a list of places I need to live before I die (together with London, Brighton, Paris, Berlin...) and It's one of the coolest places I've ever been to! The people, the energy and the feeling of always fitting in is what made me love this place. It doesn't matter where you are, what you look like, where you're from or what you wear. You're Always going to find someone like you in New York!
China Town was one of the many places in the big city that I really loved. Lots of different stores, restaurants and food markets where my love for Asian food became well satisfied. A must-visit if you're in New York!
I felt like the biggest Tourist alive Walking over Brooklin Bridge, taking photographs of pretty much Everything. Why? Because New York is more gorgeous than ever during sunset, late in February. Can you spot the Statue of Liberty?
St-Jean-de-Luz, France
I've actually visited this Place more than once, but I'd gladly visit it a third time! A small french town in the Basque area, just a few kilometres away from the Spanish border. It's just by the sea which makes it a perfect destination if you want to experience both the beach life and the city life (more like town life, but still).
 It feels like i know this Place inside and out, which isn't really much to brag about since it's a quite small Place. Still, it has lots of fantastic restaurants and monuments, and of course the beach. What's there not to love?
Sardinia, Italy
An island in the Mediterranean Sea. Saying it makes you think of long beaches, blue water and warm weather. Sardinia is just that, and more. I Went there last summer with my family and best friend Ebba. Definitely a Place to go for anyone who loves the Mediterranean but wants away from the crowded beaches on the main land.
Gorgeous selfie of me, Ebba and my brother I know, but look at the view behind us!
What are some places you want to visit again or for the first time?

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  1. Sardinia is one of my favourite places too, though I'm yet to step foot in New York - I can understand why you'd love to go back there, everyone who visits seems to want to stay there forever!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

    1. You should definitely go there if you get the chance to! x

  2. beautiful pictures and post :) Thanks for sharing !

    Camy xx



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