Vego Salad Dreams

Going vegetarian has been such a huge step up for me in my life. I feel much happier when I eat, knowing that I can fully enjoy what I eat without feeling bad for the animals or our planet (yes, I'm a big anilmal lovern and an even bigger environmentalist). I've been playing with the thought of going vegan as well, but I think I'll have to wait with that until I move out (unlike me, my family loves meat more than anything).
If you're a vegetarian like me or just love your greens then this salad is a must-try for you. It's simple, healthy and oh-so-good. You'll need the following ingredients:
A few handfuls of salad (I used a bag of premixed leaves)
1 Avocado
3-4 Sundried tomatoes
1 Quorn filét
2 dl Chickpeas
Caesar dressing
Parmesan cheese
To make it a salad, you need them leaves. Use as much as you like! Then add avocado, chickpeas and chopped up sundried tomatoes. For some extra protein (and if you wanna stay full even longer) I added a fried Quorn filét, chopped into bitesize pieces and topped it off with some Caesar dressing. Voila! Ready to eat!

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