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My love for interior design has been there as long as I can remember. Though I wouldn't say that my taste was the best in my early teenage years, I've always known what I like. Lately I've been craving a home to decorate, but as if! It costs a lot of money, and I'm about to use pretty much all my savings on a trip to the other side of the world (not complaining about that though). None the less, I find myself scrolling through the interior part of pinterest pretty much every day, dreaming of the days when I'll finally be able to move out and furnish my own home!
I suppose I'll need at least more than five rooms in my future home. You see, I have too many different ideas of what I'd like my home to looks like, and the more rooms the more of my ideas can come to life! All white with big windows and wooden floors, dark brick walls with interesting things from my travels and an enormous sofa in dark leather, a modern retro room with green plants and mirrors, an old vintage room with thick curtains and lion feet on every single furniture. You feel me? I'll definitely need more than five rooms...

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