Welcome to paradise

40 minutes by ferry from Auckland you'll find yourself at the beautiful island of Waiheke. Its coastline is a mix of beaches and green hills, perfect for anyone who loves a bit of hiking as well as swimming in the great blue.
If you happen to be in Auckland, make sure to visit Waiheke Island, you won't regret it!

I'm on my way

As we speak I'm currently sitting at the gate at Hong Kong International Airport (it's just by the sea and the view from the plane as we landed was gorgeous). I'm on my way to New Zealand for you who didn't know, and I couldn't be more excited!

Sand Tropez

My love for this gorgeous, beige polish by Essie is endless. It's one of those polishes that I always reach for. If you ask me, Sand Tropez is the perfect nude. This one is definitely coming with me on my travels! It'll match the colour of the beach, which is a perfect colour to match with a tan. Love it!

(Back)packing : Skincare Edition

As I'm going on quite a trip starting next Sunday, I thought I'd show you a few things that I'm taking with me in my huge, purple backpack. Today's sneakpeak will be of my skincare. I'm bringing four simple products that will (hopefully) treat my face well. I've already started preparing what I'll be taking with me, and since I'll be away for months with just a 55 litre backpack I have to be minimalistic, which isn't something I'm that good at...
The product I think I'll get most use out of is this, the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water. It removes makeup effectively without needing to use any water. Normally I'd wash my face with a cleanser afterwards, but since I'm going to spend my first three weeks in New Zealand in a camper van, I'm not sure there will be water at hand every morning and evening.
This day cream is one of my favourites since my skin tends to go all dry ant patchy this time of year. It's the only face moisturizer I'll bring with me, though I believe I might have to bring a backup for when it runs out.
The last two products are for those days in Australia when I'll finally be able to wash my face every day. It's the L'oreal Sublime Fresh Skin Perfecting Purifying Gel Wash and the Eye & Lip Express Make-Up Remover (quite a mouthful to say). I've used these products for about a year now and they're definitely coming with me on my trip. They leave my face feeling fresh and without any mascara still stuck between my lashes. Love them!

Wanderlust - Places I'd visit again

I suffer from severe wonderlust. My need to travel and explore is endless and there is no Place I wouldn't like to visit. I'm lucky to have family and friends that love travelling as much as I do, otherwise I wouldn't have seen half the places I've seen. In less than two weeks I'm going on a huge adventure to the other side of the planet; New Zealand and Australia. To celebrate this year's biggest adventure (most probably) I thought I'd do a short post on Three places I've been to that I'm totally going to visit again!
New York City, USA
You all probably know by now how much I adore New York City. I've put it on a list of places I need to live before I die (together with London, Brighton, Paris, Berlin...) and It's one of the coolest places I've ever been to! The people, the energy and the feeling of always fitting in is what made me love this place. It doesn't matter where you are, what you look like, where you're from or what you wear. You're Always going to find someone like you in New York!
China Town was one of the many places in the big city that I really loved. Lots of different stores, restaurants and food markets where my love for Asian food became well satisfied. A must-visit if you're in New York!
I felt like the biggest Tourist alive Walking over Brooklin Bridge, taking photographs of pretty much Everything. Why? Because New York is more gorgeous than ever during sunset, late in February. Can you spot the Statue of Liberty?
St-Jean-de-Luz, France
I've actually visited this Place more than once, but I'd gladly visit it a third time! A small french town in the Basque area, just a few kilometres away from the Spanish border. It's just by the sea which makes it a perfect destination if you want to experience both the beach life and the city life (more like town life, but still).
 It feels like i know this Place inside and out, which isn't really much to brag about since it's a quite small Place. Still, it has lots of fantastic restaurants and monuments, and of course the beach. What's there not to love?
Sardinia, Italy
An island in the Mediterranean Sea. Saying it makes you think of long beaches, blue water and warm weather. Sardinia is just that, and more. I Went there last summer with my family and best friend Ebba. Definitely a Place to go for anyone who loves the Mediterranean but wants away from the crowded beaches on the main land.
Gorgeous selfie of me, Ebba and my brother I know, but look at the view behind us!
What are some places you want to visit again or for the first time?

My Interior Inspiration

My love for interior design has been there as long as I can remember. Though I wouldn't say that my taste was the best in my early teenage years, I've always known what I like. Lately I've been craving a home to decorate, but as if! It costs a lot of money, and I'm about to use pretty much all my savings on a trip to the other side of the world (not complaining about that though). None the less, I find myself scrolling through the interior part of pinterest pretty much every day, dreaming of the days when I'll finally be able to move out and furnish my own home!
I suppose I'll need at least more than five rooms in my future home. You see, I have too many different ideas of what I'd like my home to looks like, and the more rooms the more of my ideas can come to life! All white with big windows and wooden floors, dark brick walls with interesting things from my travels and an enormous sofa in dark leather, a modern retro room with green plants and mirrors, an old vintage room with thick curtains and lion feet on every single furniture. You feel me? I'll definitely need more than five rooms...

Vego Salad Dreams

Going vegetarian has been such a huge step up for me in my life. I feel much happier when I eat, knowing that I can fully enjoy what I eat without feeling bad for the animals or our planet (yes, I'm a big anilmal lovern and an even bigger environmentalist). I've been playing with the thought of going vegan as well, but I think I'll have to wait with that until I move out (unlike me, my family loves meat more than anything).
If you're a vegetarian like me or just love your greens then this salad is a must-try for you. It's simple, healthy and oh-so-good. You'll need the following ingredients:
A few handfuls of salad (I used a bag of premixed leaves)
1 Avocado
3-4 Sundried tomatoes
1 Quorn filét
2 dl Chickpeas
Caesar dressing
Parmesan cheese
To make it a salad, you need them leaves. Use as much as you like! Then add avocado, chickpeas and chopped up sundried tomatoes. For some extra protein (and if you wanna stay full even longer) I added a fried Quorn filét, chopped into bitesize pieces and topped it off with some Caesar dressing. Voila! Ready to eat!

Maybe it's Maybelline

My favourite eyeliner? Maybe it's Maybelline, the Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyelined 24h in 01 Black to be precise. It's the darkest of blacks and glides on easily, which is all I want. I used to do my winged eyeliner with a felt tip eyeliner pen but soon swithed to the gel when I understood what I'd been missing out on. I feel that the gel eyeliner combined with any great angled eyeliner pencil gives a much better and long lasting result than my previous eyeliners have ever done. I love it!

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