My Winter Skincare Essentials

This time of year, my skin always tends to mess with me, and I guess I'm not the only one. To prevent my skin from going to dry, I have developed a skincare routine that's fast, easy and helps me through the winter months. Every year I tend to change it up a bit, and this is what it looks like now:

Lush Bubblegum Lips scrub 
Dry lips is a forever returning problem this time of year, but this lip scrub from lush is a serious life saver! It's made out of natural ingredients, and smells so good.

Soap & Glory Energy Boosting Face Massage Mini Mitt
This small, pink face massager from Soap & Glory is a new addition to my skincare collection. I use it pretty much every morning and evening together with my cleanser, and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and cleansed. If you're like me and think regular face scrubs can be a bit messy, this is the perfect little thing for you! It'll make wonders to your face together with your favourite cleanser.

Make Up Forever Gentle Cleansing Milk
Anything moisturising will be a go-to product during this time of year. This cleanser is my favourite to use in the morning, since I feel like my deep cleansing cleansers can be a bit too harsh to use that time of day. Unlike may other moisturising cleansers I've tried, this one cleanses and moisturises without leaving the face feeling oily.

Passion For Pink

As the sometimes stereotypical girl I am, I've fallen back into loving pink. That has become very obvious the last six months. Not only have I incorporated the colour in my room and wardrobe, but it's the most commonly used colour in all my creative projects. I have to admit that I've probably become a little obsessed, but then it's not the worst kind of obsession one could have (I think?). As one of my last projects for my Creative Visual Communication class at London College of Fashion, I made an entire presentation on the colour. Thus, I thought I'd share some of the pictures with you, and hopefully there's someone else out there who loves pink just as much as me and will appreciate this post!
I'm sure I'm not the only one who sometimes (always*) dream about living in a pink house with pink doors and pink interior. Or am I?

Celebrate Christmas with the Perfect Swedish Saffron Buns

Christmas is all about good food, I think we can all agree on that. No matter if you celebrate it with your friends, family or by yourself, food always manages to make its way into the picture! We all have different foods that we associate with the christmas month. For me, these saffron buns just scream Christmas. "Lussebullar" as we call them in Sweden, are delicious saffron buns shaped like an S with raisins on top. To get in the christmas spirit, me and my flatmate Rebecca decided to make some ourselves! This recipe made approximately 30 buns.
These saffron buns are a bit time consuming, but literally so easy to make! This is the second time I'm making them, and you an find the previous recipe I did here.

1. Grind the saffron in a mortar with 1 teaspoon of sugar  Add the rum or water and stir. Let stand 30 minutes.
2. Cut the butter into cubes. Crumble the yeast and mix it with the milk, butter and saffron plus water/rum in a bowl or a food processor with a dough hook.
3. Add remaining sugar, salt, and flour. Work the dough for 15 minutes in the machine or 20 minutes by hand. Let it rise under a cloth for 60 minutes.
4. Put the dough on a workbench. Knead it lightly and bake out the dough into saffron buns. Decorate with raisins!
5. Let the buns rise on a plate under a cloth for about 30 minutes.
6. Preheat the oven to 225 ° C.
7. Brush the buns with beaten egg or milk. Bake in the oven for 8-10 minutes. Let cool on a rack under a cloth.
8. Tuck in!

Sparkly Christmas Nails

During December I like to wear everything sparkly and shiny. Even though I'm a magpie all year round, drawn to anything that shines, December makes me crave glitter extra much. I think it' the darkness that makes me want the shiny things this time of year. Sometimes though I'm not in the mood for dressing up in all sequins, which makes these two nail polishes rom Avon the perfect option when I want a bit more subtle sparkle.
Pearl is the perfect beige/light pink colour, whilst Agate is more of a late-night-party colour. I'm 100% pro wearing glitter all day and all night, so these two are the ultimate additions to my glitter nail polish collection. They last for days without a top coat, and even longer if you apply it! How good?

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast

I'm enjoying my first weekend off with a well deserved oatmeal breakfast and some blogging (finally)! On Monday I started my internship at a PR agency here in London, which is where I'm going to spend my weeks until Christmas. It's been a week full of new impressions, and it feels so good to finally have a weekend where I don't have to study.

The best way to begin a lazy weekend is of course with a good breakfast. Today I decided to go for a apple and cinnamon oatmeal with some green jasmine tea on the side. How delicious? Here's how I made it:

1/2 cup of oats
1/2 cup of water
1/2 cup of almond milk (or any milk of your preference)
1 tablespoon chia seeds
1 apple

1. Combine the oats, water, milk, chia seeds and salt in a pan on medium heat
2. Bring it to a boil before lowering the heat. Let it simmer until it reaches desired consistency.
3. Slice up your apple and put it into the pan together with the cinnamon
4. Put the oatmeal in a bowl and top it off with some almond milk, chopped up almonds and dates
5. Enjoy!

Busy Days

My presence on the blog hasn't been the best as of lately (sorry). University has literally taken over my life. Sine last we spoke (about this collection from Elie Saab), I've handed in my final assignments for PR, Creative Visual Communication and Visual Merchandising, I've styled a photoshoot, written half an essay an finished a 6 minute presentation. Yes, I've been busy. Two more days, an then the first semester is over!

It's crazy how fast time has run away this last month. It feels like yesterday but still forever ago that I went to Paris (read about it HERE). Now I only have one essay left until I finish this semester, then I have two days off before starting my internship at a PR agency here in London. I'm so excited!

If you're curious on what I'm up to you should go and follow me on instagram (@ellendahlstrom). I try to update it as much as I can, and my plan is to start blogging again now when this semester is over. I've been excited for christmas-posts all year, so I'm motivated to take up my writing again.

Designer Appreciation Post: Elie Saab

Ever since my interest in fashion began, I've had a fascination with Elie Saab. There's something dreamy about all his collections; whether it's Haute Couture or Ready-To-Wear he always manages to grab my attention. Elie Saab has an eye for detail, which I think is what makes me so impressed every single time. Studying Fashion Business has meant endless nights of studying fashion shows, writing down everything I see. Hemlines, colours, focus, details, fabrics... it can get a bit overwhelming. Still, Elie Saab's SS17 stood out from the rest. Colourful, edgy, girly and cool. It's so different from the classic Haute Couture pieces many of us know him for, and yet it feels like the same story only from another decade.
Many of us dream of a white, classic dress for when we're getting married, but I don't. I'm gonna wear the huge, golden Elie Saab dress from AW15/16. You're all welcome to attend my wedding!

Minimalistic Everyday Makeup in 6 Steps

It's the last month of uni for me before christmas break. Can you believe it? Time has passed so fast! Even though I'm super excited for Christmas, I'm aware of the fact that I still have a lot to do. Uni has literally taken over my life, but I'm not complaining. I study pretty much all the time when I'm not sleeping, which means that I don't have that much time in the morning to get ready. I'm sure I'm not the only one having to stress a bit in the morning, and so I thought I'd make it easier for a few of you by giving you my secrets to achieve the perfect, simple everyday makeup look that takes no time at all!
1. Conceal
My concealer is literally my best friend! I always have some redness around my nose and on my chin, and aways suffers from under eye circles when I've had too little sleep. The solution? The Kat Von D Lock It Conceaer in L3 Warm. I cover pretty much my entire face with this (forehead, under my eyes, around my nose and on my chin) and it's extremely pigmented. A little goes a long way! I usually apply it with a damp beauty blender.

2. Set that concealer
Step two has to be powder. I'm using my trusty Kat Von D Shade and Light palette to set my concealer and highlight under the eyes.

3. Time to contour!
Using the same palette, I contour my cheekbones, forehead and chin using a Real Techniques Contour Brush.

4. Eyebrows
My second best friend is my Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Medium Brown. If you've followed my blog for a while now you will have noticed that this is the only product that gives me the kind of brows I want. I've tried other products, but you'll always find me going back for this one.

5. Coat those lashes!
My latest addition to my makeup collection is the Too Faced Roller Lash Mascara. I've been using Maybelline The Rocket for years and years and though it was time for something new. This Too Faced mascara is definitely a new favourite! My lashes stay voluminous all day and even though it's not water proof it stays on my lashes instead of sliding down onto my face as some mascaras tend to do.

6. Finish with the cheeks
I always finish with blusher, and it's always the same one: Frosted Rose by Bourjois!

Autumn Cravings: The Teddy Fur

Autumn is here to stay now. The weather has been changing dramatically here in London the last weeks; from 8 to 18 degrees celsius in a day! Personally I prefer the colder seasons, with all the layering, cosy knits and chunky boots. This Autumn it's time to buy myself a new jacket! I've been using the same black faux fur for two years now, and it's definitely starting to look a bit too worn. I'm probably gonna stick with the fur theme though, but this time I'm considering going with a teddy fur. Ever since I saw a girl on the tube a few days ago wearing a similar camel jacket like the one above, I've been obsessed. So, now I'm on a hunt for the perfect, oversized teddy jacket. Wish me luck!
Pictures from Pinterest

New In: Make Up Forever Gentle Milk Cleanser

As I've mentioned in previous posts, my skin has decided to go a bit crazy for the last few weeks. One day it's super oily, the next it's dry, the third it's a bit of both. Ugh! It's so annoying not knowing what your skin is going to be like during the day, since it's the canvas of your makeup. Should I go for a moisturising foundation? Powder or no powder? You probably know what I'm talking about.

Since I moved to London I've had to update my skincare routine from the beginning. New cleansers, moisturisers and toners, everything to make my skin feel as clean and healthy as it used to. So, my latest addition on the shelf is the Make Up Forever Gentle Milk Moisturising cleanser (quite a mouthful, I know). I Picked it up whilst visiting the Make Up Forever flagship store in Paris, and so far it's really good. It cleanses the face really well and leaves it moisturised without that sticky feeling that I've found some moisturising cleaners have. Hopefully this one will help my skin in the right direction!

Five Days in Paris

I've been to France more than any other country, but weirdly enough I've never visited Paris. It's always been a place on my bucket list, which I can finally say that I've ticked off! It's been so nice to take a few days off from everything, exploring a new city and eating good food. We were a small group from my University, London College of Fashion, who went there together, and thanks to our teachers we got to see a few really special places which made us fashion students more than excited!
France is the perfect place if you're a lover of fresh food. The many markets all around the city offer you a wide range of good food, from fresh fruit and greens to macarons and baguettes.

A well needed trip to Kenwood House

On Thursday my Fashion History and Artefact class took me out to Kenwood House at Hampstead Heath. A much needed break from the city pulse! Our teacher guided us through the beautiful rooms in the big house, and then took us to look at the beautiful view of London. It felt so good to be out of the city, if only for a few hours. I knew UNI would be stressful, but I'm currently feeling like I'm working and working and there's still more to do. The calm of getting away from the traffic and finally be able to breath fresh air and hear the birds sing did so much good. So did the afternoon tea we had in the restaurant after class. Taking a break from everything over a cup of Earl Grey tea definitely helped!
Luckily I'm on a break, which means there's more time for me to study, but it also means that I'm going to Paris on Wednesday! I've decided to leve all my work at home during our five days in Paris, and only to focus on drinking coffee, eat croissants and do nothing. It'll also be a great opportunity for me to get some nice content for you guys. Can't wait!

A typical morning + what I've been up to

This morning started like usual; oatmeal with fruit, a big glass of water and homework. As some of you might have noticed, I've been away from the blog for awhile. I've had to spend my days and nights studying, which sadly means that the blog has been left behind for a bit. Since I'm doing what I love, I don't really mind spending my time doing research, taking notes and watching fashion week shows every single night. I love it, but I also love blogging, and I'm gonna do everything I can to continue doing it on a weekly basis!

To kickstart my day, I usually start off with a big bowl of oatmeal. It's a quick and healthy breakfast, which keeps me full for long. Personally, I love to star my days with carbs. It gives me the energy I need throughout my busy day!

My Autumn Playlist

When the leaves start changing colour, the air gets cooler and you have to put on a scarf in the morning, that's when you know autumn has finally arrived. For me, autumn also means I'll get hit by a cold (I've suffered from one in a week now), but autumn still stays on my list of favourite things. Tea, walks in the park and good music! Well, good music exists all year round, but for me, autumn just brings that feeling of coziness which makes me appreciate music so much more. That's why I've decided to share with you some of my current favourites to listen to when I take my walks in the park amongst joggers and yellow leaves. Of course I had to include not only one but two of Bon Iver's new songs. What's there not to love about their new album? I hope you find something you like on the list!

Check your beauty products with COSDNA

Last weeks PR lecture brought us into the subject of beauty. After discussing back and forth about beauty PR, plastic surgery and makeup, our lecturer gave us a tip: COSDNA. COSDNA is an online makeup and beauty dictionary sort of, where you can type in any of your products and it'll give you a full list of what ingredients are in them, what they do and how good or bad they are for your skin. I've always tried to think about what it is I put on my face, but sometimes I just get too excited over a new foundation or dry shampoo and don't really think about what might actually be in them.

As I mentioned in my previous post, my skin has been fighting with me since I moved to London about a month ago. Thus, I find it extra important to put only good things on my face! I'm gonna try to make it a habit to check all of the products I want to buy, before I actually buy them. You should too!

New in from Lush

Since moving to London my skin has become a worse version of what it used to be. I think it's the combination of the polluted air that comes with a bigger, more busy city, the stress in school and the heat that took both me and my skin by surprise that made it this way. Just a week after coming here I decided to upgrade my skincare routine to something that would make my skin feel and look both healthier and cleaner. The last two additions to my new skincare collection are these two products from Lush.
Brazened Honey is a fresh hand mask that exfoliates, stimulates and nourished the skin. It's full of good things like ground almonds, honey and ginger. The ginger makes the skin feel tight and fresh, and it also has anti ageing benefits. The first time I used this mask my skin was particularly bad. It looked dull and grey and I had a few impurities on my chin, cheek and around my nose. After I'd applied it to my face and left it on for about 15 minutes i rinsed it off using circular motions to scrub away any dead skin cells, and the result was amazing! My skin looked so much more alive and glory after just 15 minutes. I finished my little skincare session off with the Bubblegum Lip Scrub, which left my lips feeing super soft. I can definitely recommend both the products without hesitating!

Easy Mushroom Couscous Salad

Salad lunches is one of the quickest, easiest dishes to make when you're in a hurry or just too hungry to cook something. I always tend to pack a salad in a tupperware instead of buying lunch at uni, since it takes no time to prepare in the morning and stays fresh all day. This particular salad is made out of pretty much everything we had in the fridge, and oh how yummy it was!

2 dl couscous
1 dl peas
1 dl chickpeas
1 tomato
4 asparagus
5 mushrooms
salt and pepper

I started off by preparing my couscous. While it was doing it's own thing, I fried off the mushrooms and asparagus in some oil and garlic salt and put the peas in some boiling water. When that was done, I threw it all together and topped it off with some salt, pepper and olive oil. Done!

London Fashion Week

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we're in the midst of London Fashion Week. My weekend has been filled with running around between different events and venues, trying to get my picture taken or spot a celebrity. It's hectic, but fun! Yesterday I wore this outfit; a pair of light blue pants, a striped blouse and my AllSaints leather jacket together with a pair of H&M earrings and my trusty chunky heels, also from H&M!


London Fashion Week has officially started, which means that if you're a fashion student like me, constant stress and ache in your feet for wearing heels all day is something you'll have to get used to. Yesterday I attended the H&MxUAL event at H&M on Oxford Circus to check out the sustainability collection a few UAL students have designed in collaboration with H&M.  It was really interesting to see! Tomorrow will be just like today, another day of cruising the streets, sucking in inspiration and hopefully see some of the collections or designers (if we're lucky). It doesn't matter that it's stressful, I love it!

Yellow Culottes and Elie Saab Dreams

Yesterday was a busy day. I Went up at half past six, took a shower, had some breakfast and took the tube to school. My Friday started with a four hour long styling lecture, a course that I definitely think will be one of my favourites! After school I dragged my roomie and another of the Swedish fashion students with me to Bruton Street to check out the Elie Saab flagship store that just opened up. Elie Saab is my absolute favourite designer, so I felt like a child in a candy shop entering his store. Since I'm a poor student I could only afford to look at all the beautiful handbags, gowns and perfumes. Luckily though, after announcing that I was an LCF student, I got a bag with a few perfume samples and a brochure from the latest ready-to-wear collection. I couldn't be happier!

H&M - Blouse
Asos - Choker
Åhlens - Tote Bag
Monki - Culotte Pants
NilsonShoes - Loafers 

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