My 2015 Wardrobe: All Black

The year has come to its end, and I decided to do a short recap of what my fashion inspiration has been this year. I used to be a creature of colour, but school stole so much time from me and I stopped spending time on getting dressed in the morning. Thus, during the early months of 2015 I found myself always reaching for the trusty black pieces in my wardrobe, and I've done it pretty much ever since. An all black outfit can look cool, classy, cute, sexy and elegant. There's no limit to how you can pair different fabrics, textures and cuts to fit your body and the occasion. Even though summer brought with it a few coloured pieces to my wardrobe, I've spent my 2015 wearing pretty much all black the entire year, with some occasional nude, white and moss green pieces. If 2015 were an outfit it'd be a pair of black jeans, Dr Martens boots, a white knitted sweater and a black coat. Almost all black.
What would your year look like as an outfit?

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  1. I've always loved all-black styling, though it's something I dip in and out of! My 'outfit of 2015' would probably be a pair of black skinny jeans and a loose v-neck jumper. The style board in this post is perfect, by the way!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


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