Glitter on my nails

You all know that just like a magpie, I'm a sucker for all that glitters. Yesterday's purchase from the glitter department was these three gorgeous nail polishes from Monki. I swear by Monki's clothes and I've recently found out that their very cheap nail polishes are just as great. I'm all about the Essie polishes, but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, Monki has it. The three for two offer had me testing the different shades and glitter's on my nails for a long time before deciding on these three; Green Yellowish Light, Bronze/Copper and Gold (the names aren't as quirky and fun as Essie's). I love them!

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  1. What a perfect colours for Autumn! Want them all! ♥
    I've polished yeasterday my nails with London Smog from Trust Fund Beauty nail polsihes. It's grey. Not Autumn haha

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    1. Haha! Love grey nail polishes though, they look super classy! x

  2. Those nail polish colors are so beautiful! x


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