My 2015 Wardrobe: All Black

The year has come to its end, and I decided to do a short recap of what my fashion inspiration has been this year. I used to be a creature of colour, but school stole so much time from me and I stopped spending time on getting dressed in the morning. Thus, during the early months of 2015 I found myself always reaching for the trusty black pieces in my wardrobe, and I've done it pretty much ever since. An all black outfit can look cool, classy, cute, sexy and elegant. There's no limit to how you can pair different fabrics, textures and cuts to fit your body and the occasion. Even though summer brought with it a few coloured pieces to my wardrobe, I've spent my 2015 wearing pretty much all black the entire year, with some occasional nude, white and moss green pieces. If 2015 were an outfit it'd be a pair of black jeans, Dr Martens boots, a white knitted sweater and a black coat. Almost all black.
What would your year look like as an outfit?

2015 recap

My 2015 has been a year of happiness and adventures, and I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what I've done through out the year by showing you some of the hightlights. Let's start in February, when me and my family went to New York! (See it in video form HERE!)
New York was all I've ever imagined it would be. Tall buildings, lots of people and beautiful views. Though the weather was freezing every single day, I more than enjoyeds our stay. If you ever get the chance to visit New York, do it! You won't regret a thing!
A few months later summer came to Sweden and with it came prom! Even though I'd planned outfit, hair, makeup and everything inbetween for months ahead, I ended up buying my dress the last minute. Originally I had my eyes on another dress, but when it arrtived in the mail it was nothing but a huge dissappointment. But thanks to trusty Asos, I got an even more gorgeous dress that arrived last minute and fit me like it was made for me and me only. I had the time of my Life!
A few days after prom the day was finally there; graduation. After three years at the Social Science programme we were done. The obligatory graduation cap and white dress had been hanging on display in my room for weeks, and it was now time to leave my lovely class and school behind for new adventures.
My summer was then filled with picnics with my girl gand and a a trip to France with my family (video HERE). I had an amazing summer with my friends and family, enjoying the great weather and late nights. Then autumn came and I started working. Work, work, work (still working). I spent and I'm still spending my days and nights either at the fast food restaurant where I work or sleeping/eating. But! That is about to change, since I'm going to New Zeeland in a few weeks time! How exciting?! My great adventure that I've always dreamt of is about to start and I couldn't be more happy!
I hope your 2015 has been as exciting as mine, and I wish you all a happy New Year and a good start of 2016. Love, from Ellen x

My three favourite Films of 2015

I love cosy nights in with a hot cop of tea, some snacks and a good film. The year is almost at its end, and so I decided to make a very short list of my top Three films from the year that has past.
I obsessed with the original Cinderella film as a child, and when the new version of my old favourite hit cinemas I was more than happy to see what it was all about. As a true Cinderella fan, I will admit without hesitation that the new version definitely lives up to my very harsh expectations. If you're a lover of Disney magic, just like me, then this film is a film to write on your list.
Two words: Jake Gyllenhaal. Not only is the the most gorgeous man breathing the air on this planet, but a hugely talented actor (and boxer, it seems). Yes, I'm one of those who watch a film simply for the hotness of the actors involved, but I asure you that this film is much more than a shirtless Jake Gyllenhaal (even though I wouldn't mind it being just him, shirtless for the entire film).
Pitch Perfect 2
I spent 4th to 9th grade studying at a Music school, and films like these definitely makes me go all nostalgic. It's a funny, all girl power kind of film and the music will definitely give you goosebumps!

A very Ciaté Christmas

As I'm a lover or traditions during the christmas time, I of course had to paint my nails in a bright red. Red is definitely the colour of the christmas season and there is no such thing as not wearing red during all the festivities.
I decided to go for this gorgeous, colourful, bright red from Ciaté called Mistress. After two coats of this gorgeous polish I guarantee that your nails will be the reddest red nails in the entire room! Sounds like I'm sponsored but no, I just love this polish very much!
Of course red is my favourite christmas colour, together with gold and green (I'm sure we all love those colours during christmas) and I felt very festive with nails matching the baubles hanging in our tree!
Merry Christmas!

Christmas Morning Hot Chocolate's and Netflix

The day is (almost was) finally here; Christmas. Oh how I've waited for this day! Woke up at around nine for breakfast and hot chocolate topped with cream and marsmallows. Me and my brother sat down in the sofa in front of the christmas tree for our traditional christmas morning ritual; a christmas film. I hope you're all having a wonderful christmas, both you who are celebrating today and for you who are still waiting for celebrating it tomorrow. Merry Christmas!

My Christmas Makeup Look

Merry Christmas! I'm Swedish, thus we're celebrate our Christmas today, the 24th. I decided to go for a simple and glowy look this Christmas. A touch of gold on my eyes and cheeks and a
hint of red on my lips (I struggle with wearing red lipstick and eating at the same time, so no full on lipstick for me today). This look took me no time at all, so it's perfect if you're in a hurry! Christmas is a time for me to celebrate with my family, so I rather save all my luxorious, glittery makeup ideas until New Year's Eve. Today I'll wear my simpe Winter makeup and a cosy, knitted sweater (perfect for hiding that food baby).
On The Face
Maybeline Fit Me! Foundation in 110 Porcelain
- My favourite base! Great coverage and looks flawless on the skin.
Maybeline Fit Me! Concealer in number 15
- Great coverage for both under the eyes and for covering spots.
Rimmel London Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder in 002 Pink Blossom
- This powder has been my favourite since bloggers first started raving about it (that is years ago). Mattifies your skin perfectly!
Bourjois Bronzing Powder in number 51
- A matte bronzer which works perfectly for both bronzing and light contouring!
Bourjois Blusher in 54 Frosted Rose
- The name of it says it all; a perfect frosty, rosy colour! A match made in heaven for us pale skinned blondes!
The Mary-Lou Manizer Highlighter from The Balm
- Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the quality of this highlighter? I mean look at my cheekbones! Can you see it, the perfectly golden shimmer? I love this product to Death.
On The Eyes and Brows
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Brown
- I found this perfect shade for my brows in New York this February and it has ruined me since Anastasia Products aren't cheap here in Sweden...
Maybelline Colour Tatto 24hr in 05 Eternal Gold
- I raved about this product in my Festive Favourites blogpost and decided to wear it for Christmas. I love the creamy texture which looks perfect on its own or as a base.
Urban Decay Naked 2
- On top of the Cream shadow I'm wearing Half Baked (second from the left) from the Naked 2 palette.
Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof Mascara
- My go to mascara. Gives loads of volume and texture to the lashes!
On The Lips
Eos Lip Balm
- Everyone's talking about it. There's not much to say, it's a lip balm.
Mac Lip Pencil in Cherry
- This Mac lip pencil is the perfect red colour! I decided to go easy on the lips and smudged it out using some lip balm.
Again, Merry Christmas, and don't go easy on the food, it's the best part! x

The perfect christmas saffron buns

As a Swede, these saffron buns just scream christmas to me. I'm not sure if us Swedes are the only ones raving about saffron buns during the christmas month, but I can simply not get enough of them. We call them lussebullar or lussekatter ("katter" means cats but they don't look like cats, do they?), and everyone eats them. I have no idea why we eat them, but they're delicious so I'm not complaining. So without further ado, here's my recipe for the perfect saffron buns/lussebullar/lussekatter!
This recipe makes 24-32 buns
Start off by melting the butter together with the saffron, then remove it from the heat and add the cream and milk. In a bowl, dissolve the yeast into the liquid before adding eggs, sugar and salt. Add the flour a few decilitre at a time, stiring inbetween. Let the dough rise for about an hour before kneading and dividing the dough into quarters, then every quarter into 6-8 pieces.
Turn on the oven to 200 degrees celsius before rolling out the pieces of dough and turning them into s-shaped buns. Decorate the buns with rasins, brush them with egg and milk and them put them into the oven for 8-10 minutes. Voila! Ready to eat and celebrate Christmas the swedish way!

My December Playlist

I thought I'd share with you my favourite songs from this month. I love a good old christmas carol, but I decided to exclude the obvious and instead share what I listen to when I've had too much of the christmas music (is that even possible?). Though, I had to include Christmas Lights by Colplay because I can pretty much listen to that song all year round... Hope you find some new interesting songs for your playlist!

I'm going on an adventure

Pictures from Pinterest
I've always dreamt of going to New Zeeland and Australia, and I'm happy to say that dreams are finally turning into reality! Can you believe it? Because I'm not sure I can... Me and my two lovely friends Ebba and Matilda are leaving in 37 day, that is January 24th, flying to Auckland, New Zeeland. We'll be spending our time traveling around the North Island for a while before flying to Christchurch where we've rent the typical hippie van (!!!) to take us around the South Island. After that we're flying to Sydney, Australia, to start our backpacking journey along the east coast until we reach Cairns. I couldn't be more happy! So, in the near furure my blog will be filled with beautiful photos from the other side of the world. Is this real life? I do very much hope it is.

Welcome to my instagram

Shopping with Ebba / My camera equipment / Breakfast in bed / Taking the perfect blog photos

Welcome to my Instagram feed, this week has been a busy one, thus barely no activity on the blog. I've been spending my nights at work and my days catching up on sleep. That's life if you wanna make as much money as possible during the shortest time period as possible. I'm tired, but it's worth it. If you're interested in what I'm up to, go over to my instagram for daily (or at least I try to) updates!


All that's golden

I'd say 90% of my jewellery is golden. My favourite used to be silver for a long time, but now golden has taken over. It's on my beloved Olivia Burton watch from her Wonderland collection, It's on my earrings, my necklaces and even my scrunchie. Gold everywhere!
I've been wearing my Watch pretty much every day since I got it. It's all I've ever wanted from a watch and I couldn't be more happy about it. The old looking earrings are from one of my favourite stores, BikBok. Their jewellery is just as amazing as their clothes, and I believe that these earrings were the first ones I ever bought from them.
Another piece, in a more rose gold golden colour, I've been getting much use of is this Harry Potter inspired time turner necklace I was given by my dear friends Max and Gustav as a birthday present this year. Look how cute it is!

Tanya's Christmas Shortbread

Tanya Burr returned to her blog (yay) and with her she brought a recipe on the most delicious shortbread cookies ever. I'm a big fan of both Tanya and baking, so of course I decided to make the cookies she wrote about in her blogpost.
I'm very happy with how they turned out! Though instead of using star shaped cookie cutters as Tanya did, I decided to go for three different ones; christmas trees, hearts and moose. Look how cute they look together!
These are the easiest cookies to make, perfect if you're having a sweet tooth and want to make something that'll be done in no time. Try them!

Glitter on my nails

You all know that just like a magpie, I'm a sucker for all that glitters. Yesterday's purchase from the glitter department was these three gorgeous nail polishes from Monki. I swear by Monki's clothes and I've recently found out that their very cheap nail polishes are just as great. I'm all about the Essie polishes, but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative, Monki has it. The three for two offer had me testing the different shades and glitter's on my nails for a long time before deciding on these three; Green Yellowish Light, Bronze/Copper and Gold (the names aren't as quirky and fun as Essie's). I love them!

Winter beauty wants and needs

I always do everything in my power during the winter time to get as glowy and gorgeous skin as possible. A glowy highligt, a perfect complexion, a hint of colour. It's not very easy when you're working in a fastfood restaurant, but so far my skin hasn't taken too much damage. I tend to spend too much time on my makeup nowadays, since makeup is something I love doing. Though I've recently found that I lack those quick-n'-easy products that'll give me that glow. Because sometimes I just wanna be quick about it and head out without spending lots of time on my face. That is why I want (need) the YSL Touche Éclait Radiant Touch and this gorgeous lip balm from Rosebud. Two quick products to splash on my face before heading out into the winter weather!

Organic hand treatment

I'm all about the organic products, whether it's beauty, food or clothes. Organic products are always money well spent. My recent beauty purchase are these two 75ml organic hand creams which I've been raving about to all my friends. This time of year my hands are inevitably going to dry out, we've all been through it. These two are real life savers when it comes to dry hands! I've been using Urtekram's shampoo for a long time now and the hand creams seems to be just as good. Definitely worth a try if your hands struggle through the winter months.

Festive favourites

It's that time of the year again, the season we've all been longing for since last December. It feels like this year christmas came way earlier than usual. I watched christmas makeup tutorials, christmas decoration hauls and christmas baking videos on youtube even before halloween. It's well known that I'm a sucker for the christmas time and me and my mum went on a shopping spre for christmas baubles mid november. I love christmas, period. The food, the carols, the Donald Duck Christmas Special (yes, It's a Swedish tradition) and of course the makeup. I'm all about the reds and the glitter (read more about my love for glitter here ), and here are some of my absolute favourite beauty products during the festive season! Have you tried any of them?
Isadora Wonder Nail in 646 Frosty Chestnut
A gorgeous sparkly varnish in a deep brownish red. Perfect to wear during a christmas dinner, paired with golden accessories.
Isadora Wonder Nail in 719 Forest
Imagine walking through a magic forest during the night. You can see the stars above your head and the full moon is shining bright in the distance. Now, put that on your nails and you have Forest by Isadora.
Ciaté Nail Pearls in Wild Fire and Front Row
What's there not to love with these super festive Nail Pearls?! Sparkly, shiny, gorgeous.
Ciaté Nail Polish in Mistress
The timeless classic: red. It's the colour of christmas, a colour that should be worn every day of December.
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr in 05 Eternal Gold
Why not paint your lids in layers of gold? It's christmas, the more festive the better! I've been a fan of the Maybelline cream shadows for long, and this is definitely one of my top 3 colours in the Color Tattoo range!
Isadora Perfect Matt Lipstick in 03 Red Carpet
It's the perfect matte red lipstick. Stays for hours and looks great even after a few touch ups (thus, perfect for a christmas dinner).
Make Up Store liquid eyeliner in Diamond
My favourite! 100% in love with this glitter eyeliner. Unlike other glitter eyeliners the glitter particles in this one is super dense and leaves an even finish which is definitely what you want. In search of a glitter eyeliner? I can totally recomend this one.
What are your festive favourites?

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