Urban Decay Autumn Eye Look

Practice makes perfect and I've finally started incorperating eye looks into my every day routine. I'm very picky when it comes to what makeup I wear on an every day basis since it usually takes me quite a while to create an eye look that reaches my expectations. Neither school nor it's stressful mornings made me want to spend extra time on my eyes at 6.30 am every day, but since I graduated eyeshadow has worked it's way into my every day look. This particular eye look is something I wear fairly often since it's both easy and fast.
The credit for this look goes to my trusty Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which has had my back since February this year when I spent what felt like a fortune on it while on vacation in New York. The colour range the palette offers is all I've ever wanted. I'm a huge fan of earthy and gold coloured eyeshadows, which is pretty much all there is in this palette.

I'm all about a simple every day look, that something on my eyes without it looking like I've spent hours on making it look right. Brown shimmery shadows with a hint of gold or copper does not only suit my own personal style but this entire season. Autumn is here (finally) and a shimmery, brown eye goes perfectly together with knits and falling leaves.
Though it might look like I'm wearing loads of different shades on my eyes, we only have two of the twelve shades in the palette to thank today; "snakebite" and "suspect" (which are two of my favourites in the palette, alongside "pistol", "tease" and "half baked"). I used "suspect" as a base, covering my entire lid up to the crease, where I used "snakebite" to give the look some depth. I also ran some of the first colour along the lower lash line before finishing off the look with my Maybeline Volum' Express The Rocket mascara.

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  1. Such a cute look <3 Kjempe fin sminke look :)



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