Berry nails

Working in a fast food restaurant means that your nails must be cut short and bare, something that's quite a struggle for a nail varnish lover like me. I normally spend as much as an hour on my nails to make them look perfect, but since I started working I haven't been able to to that as much. Even so, I like to paint my nails when I know I won't work for a coupple of days, and when I do I prefer those berry colours that look so good during autumn and winter.

L'oreal's "Blake's Pure Red", which isn't that red at all, is a gorgeous purple toned colour that just screams autumn. So does the more red toned colours from my favourite brand, Essie. In their bottles, "Bordeaux" and "Sole Mate" look almost identical, but their difference appears more clear when applied on your nails. "Sole Mate" (to the right) is closer to the L'oreal varnish in colour; a deep berry red with purple undertones. "Bordeaux" is a classic, dark red colour which suits both autumn and winter more than perfect. They all apply easy on your nails and I'd say that two coats of varnish are needed to make the most out of their colours.

What are your favourite colours to wear on your nails this time of year? x

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  1. bordeaux and sole mate are just essie classics. i love them both so much.

  2. love berry coloured nail polish - I'm currently wearing one from Kiko, but I love both Essie and Loreal :) x


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