The ultimate girl crush: Tanya Burr

The amount of times I've admired her beauty, makeup, body and outfits are uncountable. Tanya Burr owns the title Ultimate Girl Crush and is the one and only fashion and beauty guru in my life. I've been a fan of hers since I first started watching her Youtube videos, and I'll have to admit that there are not too many people I admire as much as her. She's the inspiration for all my best makeup looks and the one whose body positivity has lifted my mood more than once.
Let's just take a moment to admire her and all that she's done.

A fruit kind of morning

A lazy morning calls for a lazy breakfast, and since I spent pretty much my entire morning in bed watching The Killing, what could not be better than lots of gorgeous fruit? Pear, passion fruit and persimon made my morning a nice one, you should try it!

Book love

I am, from the very core of my heart, a lover of books and an enthusiastic reader. I love to spend my time reading; during rainy days, in the back seat of a car, on the train and the bus, in my bed, in the library... The list goes on. If you're like me and love a good read, then here's three books I can't get enough of. Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer makes me want to explore the world. It's a book for adventurers and dreamers! Nineteen Eighty-Four is a classic that everyone has to read. I know that some find it a bit booring, but personally I love the way George Orwell express himself. Lastly we have The Unlikely Pilgrimmage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce. Just as the first book this one makes you want to get out there and meet new people. It makes for an easy reading experience and is a book I would totally recomend to everyone!

What's your favourite book?

What falling asleep sounds like

I've developed a habit of listening to music when I'm going to sleep. and now it seems like I can't go to sleep without it. Before, I used to toss and turn for hours before falling asleep, constantly focusing my mind on anything but sleeping. Lately though, that has changed. I'm no longer lying awake for hours, and I believe I have my precious spotify list to thank. This is what it sounds like before i drift away into my dreams:

Grimasch om morgonen by Cornelis Vreeswijk
The Boy by Tom Rosenthal
Come Healing by Leonard Cohen
Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley
Spirit Cold by Tall Heights

Berry nails

Working in a fast food restaurant means that your nails must be cut short and bare, something that's quite a struggle for a nail varnish lover like me. I normally spend as much as an hour on my nails to make them look perfect, but since I started working I haven't been able to to that as much. Even so, I like to paint my nails when I know I won't work for a coupple of days, and when I do I prefer those berry colours that look so good during autumn and winter.

L'oreal's "Blake's Pure Red", which isn't that red at all, is a gorgeous purple toned colour that just screams autumn. So does the more red toned colours from my favourite brand, Essie. In their bottles, "Bordeaux" and "Sole Mate" look almost identical, but their difference appears more clear when applied on your nails. "Sole Mate" (to the right) is closer to the L'oreal varnish in colour; a deep berry red with purple undertones. "Bordeaux" is a classic, dark red colour which suits both autumn and winter more than perfect. They all apply easy on your nails and I'd say that two coats of varnish are needed to make the most out of their colours.

What are your favourite colours to wear on your nails this time of year? x

Current designer obsession: Ida Lanto

I need to get married in a Ida Lanto dress, preferably this one. Probably a few years left until I'll marry someone, but still. Ida Lanto has everything I could ever ask for in a dress, which says quite a lot since I always find something to complain about when it comes to dresses. I've been drooling over this white beauty since she posted a picture of it on instgram, and I've been imagining myself in it on my big day ever since. The perfect combination of something modern yet classy it what draws me to it; how could it go wrong? Surely, a few of the older generation would raise their eyebrows in shock when they saw the very exposed neckline. But hey, I don't mind! I need this dress, period.
Another of her dresses which caught my attention was this black beauty. I can't even describe how much I love it. I'd wear it every single day of my life if i could, no accessories needed.
You can find more of her clothing over on her website, .

Urban Decay Autumn Eye Look

Practice makes perfect and I've finally started incorperating eye looks into my every day routine. I'm very picky when it comes to what makeup I wear on an every day basis since it usually takes me quite a while to create an eye look that reaches my expectations. Neither school nor it's stressful mornings made me want to spend extra time on my eyes at 6.30 am every day, but since I graduated eyeshadow has worked it's way into my every day look. This particular eye look is something I wear fairly often since it's both easy and fast.
The credit for this look goes to my trusty Urban Decay Naked 2 palette which has had my back since February this year when I spent what felt like a fortune on it while on vacation in New York. The colour range the palette offers is all I've ever wanted. I'm a huge fan of earthy and gold coloured eyeshadows, which is pretty much all there is in this palette.

I'm all about a simple every day look, that something on my eyes without it looking like I've spent hours on making it look right. Brown shimmery shadows with a hint of gold or copper does not only suit my own personal style but this entire season. Autumn is here (finally) and a shimmery, brown eye goes perfectly together with knits and falling leaves.
Though it might look like I'm wearing loads of different shades on my eyes, we only have two of the twelve shades in the palette to thank today; "snakebite" and "suspect" (which are two of my favourites in the palette, alongside "pistol", "tease" and "half baked"). I used "suspect" as a base, covering my entire lid up to the crease, where I used "snakebite" to give the look some depth. I also ran some of the first colour along the lower lash line before finishing off the look with my Maybeline Volum' Express The Rocket mascara.

Autumn shopping

Autumn is without doubt my favourite season. I love layering, chunky knits and boots above all. Yesterday's trip into town brought these two lovely pieces home with me. A cosy knitted sweater from H&M and a super soft poncho in black, burgundy and camel from Cubus. Can't wait to include these in my wardrobe! My little shopping tour also included buying a new foundation and concealer. The Maybeline Fit Me range is definitely part of my favourites when it comes to foundation and concealer and has been my trusty go to budget alternative for so long.
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It's the simple that glitters

It's the simple that glitters. I've always loved a simple, sophisticated look as well as dresses covered in glitter and pearls. Things that just scream too dull or too much are the things I tend to buy. Black boots, grey t-shirts and cardigans in all shades nude. My rather recent fashion obsession is combining my classy grey scale outfits with a bit of glitter. My favourite combination? A silver grey top together with blak jeans and a cardigan. Or an all black and grey outfit and some glittery eyeliner in silver from Make Up Store. Try it!

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