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The year was 2012 and me and my two best friends went on a language trip to Brighton, England. The weater was mostly rainy and our rooms were cold, but who did really care? We had Three wonderful weeks together and met lots of new friends. Two of those are still part of our little squad, and even though we meet no more than twice a year we're just as close as we were that summer in 2012. So, we decided that a reunion would be great. Emina, one of the two friends which I went to Brighton with just moved to Uppsala for studies so we decided that Uppsala would be the perfect Place for us to meet.
Uppsala is such a beautiful Place. Old buildings, cosy cafe's and the ultimate place to study. It hosts both my family and friends and is just a few hours on a train away from where I live. Anyone who is fond of architecture and is ok with steep hills/owns a pair of great walking shoes should visit Uppsala!

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