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I decided to answer a few questions! Here’s a little bit about me:

What do you listen to on a bus ride?
- Anything by Jake Bugg, Bon Iver or Tall Heights. They are my current faves. I also enjoy classical music. Ludovico Einaudi or Brian Crain are brillian composers!

I saw Jake Bugg play at the Bråvalla festival in Sweden last summer

What are you?
- Happy
- A dreamer
- A feminist

Favourite movies
- This is not even a good question because I could go on for days. But if I have to pick three movies randomly in no particulair order I’d say Big Fish, Interstellar and Narnia.

What are you good at?
- Music
- Being positive
- Spend my money on things I don’t need

Three favourite places in the world
- My bed
- Where my friends are
- Anywhere on the Brittish isles

Brighton beach late on a summer's evening 2014. We watched a football game (only we didn't watch the game but the guys who watched it...) on a big screen at the beach with hundreds of people. I love Brighton.

Do you work out?
- Yes gurl but serioulsy though it demands both time and energy which i sometimes have and sometimes don’t. I used to go horseriding but just quit after 12 years so that’s sad. I used to do jujutsu, boxing and soccer as well. Right now I just go to the gym.

Four fashion tips
- Wear all black it will make you look fabulous
- Mix fashion with functionality
- Dress to impress yourself instead of others
- Go outside the box

Three things you dislike
- Wet socks/shoes
- Period pains
- People looking down at those working in the service sector (I’ve met a handful)

What would you tell your five years younger self?
- Don’t worry, don’t think about it, relax, straighten your back and smile because you are stronger than you think

What makes you happy?
- A perfect combination of friends, fun, fashion and frozen margarita

Big night in or big night out?
- Impossible to answer. I’m a perfect example of someone who drinks too much tea and too much vodka.

What makes you angry?
- Social injustice, the patriarchy an people I like who unfollow me on instagram.

Why do you blog?
- I love photography, writing and building my own platforms (that’s why I’m so into instagram, twitter, youtube etc). I’ve been blogging on and off for many years but I feel like now is the time in my life when blogging seems right. Pretty much.

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