Fierce friends and wine - 24 hours in Uppsala

Yesterday was the day for me and my four fierce friends who I met during the language trip to Brigton 2012 to finally meet again. Two of them I already knew before, but we opened our arms for two more people and became the craziest crew at Sussex University. After much planning we decided to meet in Uppsala where one of my friends go to University. It's a great place, even greater when with friends.
We kicked off our 24 hour stay in Uppsala with a guided tour of the city until hunger took over and we decided for coffee and cake. I'll have to admit we spent most of our time in uppsala eating and drinking. Also, enjoying eachother's company after three years apart.
Waking up this morning, a bit hungover and sad about leaving so soon, we ate breakfast and talked about everything and nothing.
Time spent with these people always involves food and a good conversation. Which is pretty much the only thing you need!
After lunch it was time to part. Three of us took the train home to Örebro and whilst the other two parted ways and took different trains to their home locations. Until next time!


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