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It's no secret that I've been needing a new bag and purse for too long now, so I finally got around to buy it. My trusty Åhlens handbag left me months ago and I've been using totes from a broad collection I store in my wardrobe ever since. I love my totes! They have prints of my favourite bands and places. Unfortunately though they're not very fashionable. Then we have my purse, on wich the zip has been stuck for about a month now. The red pleather is pretty worn out and let's just not talk about the card slots.

After browsing ASOS for about a weeks time I found the perfect bag and purse! I was looking for something simple and timeless and found these; an ASOS shopper bag and a simple yet cute purse with a tassel detail from New Look.
The purse is about the same size as my previous one (13x20 cm) which I love since it carries not only cards and cash but a comb, hair ties and my iPhone.
The bag was definitely a pleasant surprise when it arrived at my door. I'd expected the quality to be no more than ok, but the leather is soft and all in all it looks better than I thought it would for the price of £32. The handle straps are a perfect lenght for carrying it over the shoulder, however they're quite thin and I worry they might break if I carry something too Heavy. None the less, I'm very pleased with it. I especially the leather strap which acts more as a detail than an actual strap to close the bag.

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