Fierce friends and wine - 24 hours in Uppsala

Yesterday was the day for me and my four fierce friends who I met during the language trip to Brigton 2012 to finally meet again. Two of them I already knew before, but we opened our arms for two more people and became the craziest crew at Sussex University. After much planning we decided to meet in Uppsala where one of my friends go to University. It's a great place, even greater when with friends.
We kicked off our 24 hour stay in Uppsala with a guided tour of the city until hunger took over and we decided for coffee and cake. I'll have to admit we spent most of our time in uppsala eating and drinking. Also, enjoying eachother's company after three years apart.
Waking up this morning, a bit hungover and sad about leaving so soon, we ate breakfast and talked about everything and nothing.
Time spent with these people always involves food and a good conversation. Which is pretty much the only thing you need!
After lunch it was time to part. Three of us took the train home to Örebro and whilst the other two parted ways and took different trains to their home locations. Until next time!


Get to know me

I decided to answer a few questions! Here’s a little bit about me:

What do you listen to on a bus ride?
- Anything by Jake Bugg, Bon Iver or Tall Heights. They are my current faves. I also enjoy classical music. Ludovico Einaudi or Brian Crain are brillian composers!

I saw Jake Bugg play at the Bråvalla festival in Sweden last summer

What are you?
- Happy
- A dreamer
- A feminist

Favourite movies
- This is not even a good question because I could go on for days. But if I have to pick three movies randomly in no particulair order I’d say Big Fish, Interstellar and Narnia.

What are you good at?
- Music
- Being positive
- Spend my money on things I don’t need

Three favourite places in the world
- My bed
- Where my friends are
- Anywhere on the Brittish isles

Brighton beach late on a summer's evening 2014. We watched a football game (only we didn't watch the game but the guys who watched it...) on a big screen at the beach with hundreds of people. I love Brighton.

Do you work out?
- Yes gurl but serioulsy though it demands both time and energy which i sometimes have and sometimes don’t. I used to go horseriding but just quit after 12 years so that’s sad. I used to do jujutsu, boxing and soccer as well. Right now I just go to the gym.

Four fashion tips
- Wear all black it will make you look fabulous
- Mix fashion with functionality
- Dress to impress yourself instead of others
- Go outside the box

Three things you dislike
- Wet socks/shoes
- Period pains
- People looking down at those working in the service sector (I’ve met a handful)

What would you tell your five years younger self?
- Don’t worry, don’t think about it, relax, straighten your back and smile because you are stronger than you think

What makes you happy?
- A perfect combination of friends, fun, fashion and frozen margarita

Big night in or big night out?
- Impossible to answer. I’m a perfect example of someone who drinks too much tea and too much vodka.

What makes you angry?
- Social injustice, the patriarchy an people I like who unfollow me on instagram.

Why do you blog?
- I love photography, writing and building my own platforms (that’s why I’m so into instagram, twitter, youtube etc). I’ve been blogging on and off for many years but I feel like now is the time in my life when blogging seems right. Pretty much.

ASOS finds

It's no secret that I've been needing a new bag and purse for too long now, so I finally got around to buy it. My trusty Åhlens handbag left me months ago and I've been using totes from a broad collection I store in my wardrobe ever since. I love my totes! They have prints of my favourite bands and places. Unfortunately though they're not very fashionable. Then we have my purse, on wich the zip has been stuck for about a month now. The red pleather is pretty worn out and let's just not talk about the card slots.

After browsing ASOS for about a weeks time I found the perfect bag and purse! I was looking for something simple and timeless and found these; an ASOS shopper bag and a simple yet cute purse with a tassel detail from New Look.
The purse is about the same size as my previous one (13x20 cm) which I love since it carries not only cards and cash but a comb, hair ties and my iPhone.
The bag was definitely a pleasant surprise when it arrived at my door. I'd expected the quality to be no more than ok, but the leather is soft and all in all it looks better than I thought it would for the price of £32. The handle straps are a perfect lenght for carrying it over the shoulder, however they're quite thin and I worry they might break if I carry something too Heavy. None the less, I'm very pleased with it. I especially the leather strap which acts more as a detail than an actual strap to close the bag.

Biking to work

Woke up at 9 and made myself a quick breakfast before heading off to work. Short day today, working from 11 am to 2 pm. Even though I just worked for Three hours my tiredness took over and I've been sut in my sofa doing nothing but eating and watching series since I got home. Time for that to change now though! Just did a fast edit on two pictures I took on my way to work (nothing fancy) and am now ready for shower, dinner and then off to see a couple of friends!

Thursday morning

Thursday morning this week means no work. I woke up around 9, made myself this very fast breakfast consisting of toast (cheating with my vegan breakfast promise there heh) and passionfruit. Yum! Then I checked in on my blog just to see that everything was in order since I changed the layout yesterday night/early this morning. Now I'm heading off to the gym before meeting Ebba. Have a lovely day!

Train tickets and travels

The year was 2012 and me and my two best friends went on a language trip to Brighton, England. The weater was mostly rainy and our rooms were cold, but who did really care? We had Three wonderful weeks together and met lots of new friends. Two of those are still part of our little squad, and even though we meet no more than twice a year we're just as close as we were that summer in 2012. So, we decided that a reunion would be great. Emina, one of the two friends which I went to Brighton with just moved to Uppsala for studies so we decided that Uppsala would be the perfect Place for us to meet.
Uppsala is such a beautiful Place. Old buildings, cosy cafe's and the ultimate place to study. It hosts both my family and friends and is just a few hours on a train away from where I live. Anyone who is fond of architecture and is ok with steep hills/owns a pair of great walking shoes should visit Uppsala!

Instagram + future-talk

Four pictures from my instagram (@ellendahlstrom). Autumn is taking over and I love it, though it forces me to wear my faux fur when biking to work. I'm not complaining. What I am complaining about though is my ability to change my mind about my futute all_the_time. I've mapped out a pretty good picture of what I want to do, but my insecurities take over and I'm left with doubts and question marks. Do I really know what I want to study? And where? And when? It's exhausting to say the least, but I'm sure I'm gonna figure it (and me) out soon enough.

lots of love

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