Two months in Berlin

Hi. Long time no see. Guess where I am? You guessed right, I'm in Berlin. This is where I've spent my last three weeks, and will stay until the middle of April. Why? Because I got tired of working 24/7 in my hometown in Sweden and decided to live life or a while. If you wanna follow my little adventure, please follow me on my instagram @ellendahlstrom !

My Skincare Secrets

As you've probably gathered from previous posts, I'm a real skincare junkie. I love testing out new products and making my skin the best it can be. I've always preferred a simpler skincare routine, which I'm sure many of us are. With a few products it's easier to get into the routine of using them regularly, don't you think?

Life back in Sweden - Instagram Edition

What have I been up to lately? Because it seems like I've taken a small break from the blog? Fear not! I've just been adapting to life back in Sweden.

Three Lovely London Parks (That are not Hyde Park)

Before moving to London, I pictured myself with an iced latte and a good book, sitting on a bench or under a tree in Hyde Park. I told myself it'd be the perfect place for a day off, taking a break from the city, and so on. Even though I spent my first months living in Chelsea, that vision of me in the park never happened. I've spent numerous afternoons with friends powerwalking from my apartment in South West London to Hyde park, but when it comes to "taking a break from the city", Hyde Park wasn't always ideal.

My July Playlist

Is it just me, or do you also change your Spotify lists completely according to the seasons? Pretty much all year around my Spotify consists of moody, artistic, instrumental piece and eclectic songs. But now, when summer has (finally) arrived, those colourful and happy songs tend to sneak into my playlists.

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